Best and Cheapest Chinese Smartwatches

Watches have been brought into the new digital world we live in today.

Smartwatches are becoming a new craze. A new fashion icon.

Are you looking for one? Interested?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

We have a list of some of the best good quality, excellent performing and affordable Chinese smartwatches available on the market.

Let us diver around no more, and get into the main bulk of the article.

Defining A Smartwatch

First of all, how do we design a smartwatch?

A smartwatch is an enhanced, computerized watch that has features and systems that go beyond the simple telling of time. Early models began to expand this with additional features like being able to calculate and add other transitions – but this list of high-end, state-of-the-art smartwatches goes further than that.

Smartwatches of today are essential smaller, and more portable laptops – capable of doing a wide range of jobs.

  • Game play

  • Listen to music

  • Listen to the radio

  • Record audio and visual

  • Answer calls

  • And even sent text messages

Let’s begin by looking at 6 of the best, and cheapest Chinese smartwatches in today’s technological world.

No.1 D5no-1-d5

Is No.1 D5 your number one choice?

This is a great starting point, and offers all you could want in a smartwatch. It is an ideal smartwatch, and a perfect mixture of a smartphone and sports watch. The No.1 D5 is also available in a range of languages from English and Portuguese, to Russian and Turkish, etc.

Let’s take a look at what this smartwatch offers;


  • Heart monitor ratings

  • Pedometer

  • Sedentary reminder

  • Sleep tracker

  • Android 4.4 Operating System

  • 3G connectivity available

  • Bluetooth function-ability

Body work

  • Stainless steel circular design

  • Water resistant body

  • 1.3-inch fingerprint screen

  • 320 x 320-pixel resolution

The No.1 D5 allows customization as the developers have created over 100 different look clock faces.

No.1 D5 is full of useful gadgets, from weather reports, Internet browsing, heart rates, and of course – telling the time! Due to this, the No.1 D5 uses up a lot of energy, and requires a good performing processor.

It is powered with a 64 bit, Octa-core MediaTek MTK6572 processor, which has 512 MB of RAM space. The watch is powered by a Li-ion battery system with a capacity of 450 mAH, enabling it to last and endure for days on end.

The only real draw back to this Chinese cheap smartwatch is the storage unit. Although it has an internal storage of 4GB, which is good, there is not option to increase it or add a TF card. It will also not be compatible with jack headsets, only Bluetooth headsets.

Price: $101

No.1 T3no1-smart-watch

Keep communicating.

The No.1 T3 has a very nifty feature in its system that allows it to be used a communication device to your smartphone. You are even able to inset your mobile phone handset’s SIM card into the smartwatch!

Let us see some more aspects of this cool watch:


  • Pedometer

  • Anti-loss function

  • Sleep monitoring

  • UV detection

  • Remote control camera

  • Music


  • Sleek stylish design

  • Scratch-proof glass

  • Comfortable wrist watch

  • Leather strap

Because you are able to insert you phones microSD card into the smartwatch you are able to do a lot of things your phone would do. Messaging, checking call logs and contacts, and even speaking.

This smartwatch has a very high memory capacity, and maximum support of a 16GB TF card. No.1 T3 has 240 x 240-pixel resolution and supports Bluetooth version 3.0.

The No.1 T3 is only compatible with your smartphone if it runs on an Android system, and can only support GSM800/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz system networks.

Price: $54.99

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Zeblaze Crystalzeblaze-crystal

Stylish. Elegant. Fashionable!

This is what you will get with the purchase of a Zeblaze Crystal smartwatch. The Zeblaze has one of the most well designed faces and bodies of a smartwatch to date.

Take a look below to see what makes this smartwatch so desirable:


  • Heart monitor

  • Real-time pulse rates

  • Pedometer

  • Sleep Monitor


  • 2.5D glass face

  • 1.54 Inch TP3D glass

  • Beautifully crafted curved edges

  • Elegant wrist strap

  • Leather strap design

The Zeblaze Crystale comes with Bluetooth version 4.0, having the ability to allow users to access social media websites like; Twitter, Facebook, Gmail etc. Notifications are enabled with a vibration or sound system and also come with an “anti-loss” function too.

This smartwatch also has other useful features like an alarm clock, calendar and a stop watch timer.

Zeblace Crystal smartwatch has a 240 x 240-pixel resolution, 280mAH battery – which will allow it to power and last for anywhere up to 72 hours, and is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

Price: $54.99

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Fifine W9fiine-w9

Fifine W9 is a fine piece of crafted Chinese technology.

The Fifine W9 Chinese smartwatch has a build in Android operating system that allows users to purchase, install and download a vast range of games and apps to their watch.

See below the main points that make this smartwatch one of the best in terms of technology:


  • 240 x 240-pixel resolution

  • Version 4.0 Bluetooth

  • 2G or 3G connectivity

  • Speaker and microphone

  • 5 mega pixel camera


  • 1.54 Inch touch screen

  • Leather wrist strap

  • Stainless steel body

  • Usable in water

Fifine W9 is an incredibly gifted and well manufactured smartwatch. It has an Android 4.4 operating system in-bedded into it, a SoC MediaTek MTK6572 dual-core processor that is able to work at an amazing 1 GHz! This smartwatch comes with 1 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of internal storage which can be replaced with a 32 GB microSD card to increase its capacity.

Price: $125.99

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ZGPAX S79zgpax-s79

Lower in price, but not lower in quality.

The cheapest by a long run on our list – the ZGPAX S79 has a micro SIM card that allows 3G connectivity. Capable to be compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, the ZGPAX S79 has a lot to offer.

Let us see what makes this smartphone a fantastic buy:


  • Answer calls

  • Listen to music

  • Activity monitor

  • Sleep monitor

  • Bluetooth v3.0


  • 1.54 Inch screen

  • Touchscreen

  • Stainless steel body

  • Rubber silicon wrist strap

  • Pin buckle strap design

The ZGPAX S79 has a resolution of 240 x 240, and is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

The rubber silicon wrist strap makes is a perfect option as a sports watch, or for anyone with allergies to leather or other materials. The wrists straps are even available in a range of different colors.

The ZGPAX S79 also has a 0.8 mega pixel camera and storage to listen to your own music – on the go! It also comes with useful features like an alarm clock, calculator, calendar and a sounder recording device.

This smartwatch is capable to hold both a microSD card, and a SIM card simultaneously – not many watches in this price range will be able to offer that!

An excellent amount on offer for an incredibly affordable low price!

Price: $23.54

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Aplus GV18gv18-aplus-prise

The perfect 3G smartwatch!

This smartwatch includes a camera and 3G connectivity. The Aplus GV18 is another low priced, and affordable smartwatch that offers some great features and options.

Let us see what this smartwatch has to offer:


  • Answer calls

  • 0.3 mega pixel camera

  • Ability to message

  • Activity monitor

  • Sleep monitor


  • Stunning metallic style

  • 1.54 Inch touch screen

  • Soft rubber wrist strap

  • Pin buckle design

The Aplus GV18 allows you to have your own music and listen to it, connect to NFC and has 240 x 240-pixel resolution. This smartwatch also has very useful features like an alarm clock, calendar, sound recorder and a calculator.

Aplus GV18 also has a USB interface charging point on the side of the device and has very intelligent anti loss, and anti-thief functions too. As well as the already mentioned 0.3 MP camera, this smartwatch has storage to music, and offers features such as; calculator, alarm clock, sound recording and a calendar.

However, this smartwatch will only work on GSM800/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz networks.

Price: $24.99

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There are a lot of good, cheap Chinese smartwatches on this list for you to look into and think about purchasing.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and found all the information relevant and useful.

If there is anything information you feel we are missing, or would like to share your views on one of our above mentioned products, please feel free to leave a message below in a comment.

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