Restoring Your Unbricked Xiaomi Mi 5x Smartphone

If you’re finding that your unbricked Xiaomi smartphone has suddenly become hard bricked, don’t worry. Follow these steps to try and restore your Xiaomi Mi 5X to its unbricked version.

Identifying What Has Bricked Your PhoneRestoring Unbricked Xiaomi Mi5x

There are two main reasons that your Xiaomi Mi 5X smartphone may be hard bricked.

The first cause may be that your phone is bricked because of a locked bootloader, which may happen if any Custom ROM has been installed on your device.

The second cause may be that you have installed another bootloader separate from the original Oxygen bootloader.

Unbricking If You Have a Locked Bootloader

Luckily, if your phone is bricked because of a locked bootloader, you can still access the fastboot mode on your device.

To access fastboot mode, begin by powering down your device. Then press the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons simultaneously. Keep pressing down until the logo for fastboot appears on the screen of your device.

Once you have entered fastboot mode, use the MiUnlock tool to make an official bootloader unlock. Once your bootloader is unlocked, the root of your problem should be removed and your phone should no longer be bricked.

Unbricking with an Mi 5x Oxygen Problem

If your bricking problem has stemmed from an issue with Oxygen, all you need to do is restore Oxygen on your device.

How to Restore Oxygen

  1. Download the unbrick oxygen bootloader
  1. Unpack the download in a new folder.
  2. Install MiFlash tool (latest version) on your computer from this link:


  1. Look for test points in your phone’s back panel and disconnect the battery.
  2. Plug a USB-cable into your phone, but do not attach to your computer yet.
  3. Connect test-points, then connect USB to your computer.
  4. Follow this path:

Device manager > find your device (could be “COM-port” or “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008”) > start MiFlash tool > Select > unbrick archive > Refresh

  1. Your COM port will now appear on the list.
  2. Press flash button. This will begin installation.
  3. Wait until your device notifies you that the process has been a “success.”
  4. Disconnect your smartphone and reconnect the battery. Turn it off and reboot.

Device Still Bricked?

If neither of these methods are working for you, you may have a deeper internal issue. Contact support to try to identify and solve the problem.