Wowstick 1f Electric Screwdriver Review

The screwdriver has always been a convenient household tool. It has been used for as long as anyone can remember for the fixing of everything from cabinet doors to loose screws in chairs to flat pack furniture.

In recent years, there has been a spike in more modernized, more electric screwdrivers on the market to make the work just that much easier instead of its users having to go through manual labor if they are suffering from disablements like arthritis or muscle pain. This is ideal for older people.

This article will cover what we think of this special little screwdriver which was created by the same people that brought you the Air 12 laptop and the Mi Mix phone. They’re really on a roll, aren’t they? Without further ado, let’s talk the WOWstick screwdriver.

NOTE: We would also advise reading the conclusion of this article. It will contain our final assessment on the product.

What is It?

Everybody knows what a screwdriver looks like so they will be able to identify the Xiaomi WOWstick Electric Screwdriver as something more than just your average manual screwdriver. It is a very easy to use tool that will put its manual counterpart to utter shame.

The electric screwdriver has an anti-skid body that is made of plastic and has a number of different screwdriver bit heads that come in the packaging with the screwdriver body. It is the size of a pen and has a classic, memorable design.

What is great about this screwdriver is that it has a comfortable grip so that it is comfortable to hold and that it does not run off any source of power except for two built-in triple A batteries which is a great way of not having to constantly buy batteries for it.

You don’t have to worry about digging around in your toolbox for another screwdriver if you need one. The WOWstick Screwdriver is an all in one device. Say goodbye to all those separate screwdrivers! There is also no turning required because the driver head rotates at 100RPM (rotation per minute)!

It comes in two colors, black and silver (which is subjected to availability) and the ratchet is self-locking. The product has a product life of 180 days on 8 hours of charge if the product is being used continuously.


Who ever thought that a screwdriver would have so many perks for a tool so small? We sure didn’t when we got our hands on this little beauty of a tool.

Here is list of specifications for the Wowstick Electric screwdriver.

  • Very durable

  • Made of a hard anti-skid plastic and comes with a LED light

  • Has 6 different screwdriver heads

  • Has a classic design which is aluminum alloy and the size of a pen

  • Has a comfortable grip

  • Magnetic connector attached between the handle and screwdriver head

  • Is powered by 2 built-in triple A batteries

  • The screwdriver bit heads come in two colors black and silver but are subjected to stock availability

  • Origination mode is dual torque 0.2/3N.m

  • Device’s rotating speed is 100RPM (rotation per minute)

  • Is self-locking ratchet orientation

  • Product life is 180 days with 8 hours of continuous work

  • All in one device

  • Weighs 0.183kg

  • Package weighs 0.273kg (talk about lightweight packaging)!

The part we love the most is the magnetic connector that is strong enough to lift a key from a tight place that we ourselves would not be able to reach with our bare hands alone. It will also save your hands and knees if you drop something and it slides under something you can’t slide your hand under to retrieve the lost item. We see this as a welcome relief to not those that are inflicted with injury for everyone that has or will use it in their lifetime.

Pricescrew driver

Buy One

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In reference to the WOWstick Screwdriver Set, there is a discount of 45% off of the Australian price of bringing the product down to $49.82. Wow! Wow! Wow! That is one hot price. There is no other website that provides a product like this at this price. At least we don’t think we have. Anyway, we will leave this decision up to the consumer to decide on what price is best.

Other Similar Products

Like with all screwdrivers and their associated tool kits, there are a series of complementary tool sets that are just as good as our fully reviewed our electric screwdriver friend.

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We would recommend these other products if you are not satisfied with our electric screwdriver. They are just as satisfactory, and will do the same job as the WOWstick does.


Have you ever found that using a regular screwdriver is a bit boring? Well, according to reviews, this screwdriver is great (as it has only one 5-star rating) for carrying around in your pocket if you ever need a tool to fix small things or in your toolbox where tools would reign supreme. The power of one tool is enough to replace several tools in one go.

We have to say that we are pretty impressed with what we have seen with the WOWstick Screwdriver. We love that it is portable and can be taken anywhere and be used to fix anything. We never expected something this small to be so powerful and useful all in one hit.

If you have any questions, enquiries or comments, be sure to comment on this review or comment on our social media platforms. We would love to hear from you and what you thought of the product. We would like to know whether, you loved it loathed it or whether, you have no opinion on it. All in all, it is entirely up to you.