Xiaomi Mi 5S With Underglass Fingerprint Scanner

With the cell phone market developing at such a rapid speed, more and more consumers are trying to find new ways to make their phones special. Improving the current, popular features as well as finding out new ways to make a phone convenient is critical to the business. It has become harder to keep these improvements a secret though, as it is easy to leak information online. Xiaomi has realized this with their new phone, which was released near the end of 2016. With so many cell phone companies trying to increase product consumption it has really become a “dog eats dog” world.

One of the features that has been specifically added and improved has been the ability to use touch screen and fingerprint technology. The idea of using your fingerprint for your phone and other services provided on your phone is very sellable. That is why the Xiaomi company’s new phone has become such a major piece of news recently; their new “underglass” fingerprint scanner.

It even has a 13-megapixel dual rear camera, that is light sensitive, and is a good phone for people that want a heavy duty phone able to take nice quality photos. With all of the improvements, it can be easy to find a market for it. There is a variety of people that can enjoy the new smart phone and all of the features it has.

Looking into the phone before making a purchase is critical, so I rounded up some information on this new technology to make it easier to research.

Xiaomi The Company

Xiaomi, a consumer electronics company, was founded in Beijing, China in 2010. Since its founding, the company has raised to the fourth largest phone making company. It develops as well as sells smart phones, laptops and desktops, mobile apps, and other relative technology. In 2015 its total revenue was 20 billion USD. The latest phone that they have created is the Xiaomi Mi 5S, and its partner the 5S plus version.

The first international expansion to the company was announced in 2014, when Xiaomi said they were building a headquarters in Singapore. This universal expansion then moved onto India, in 2015, where two major retailer sites started to sell Mi devices. That was the first time that any Mi devices were sold online through e-commerce sites. Then, the Mi 4i was released in India before any other country for the first time. Later that year they continued by selling their smartphones outside of Asia, as well as making one outside of Asia, for the very first time.

The company ensures that they listen to customer feedback by allowing users to test out features. The idea of having an “internet community” that supports the company is important to Xiaomi, so they try to stay friendly and eager to listen.

Xiaomi’s New Phone; Leaked Picturesxiaomi-mi5s

Xiaomi had photos leaked for their new phone, the Xiaomi Mi 5S, which had really stunned as well as amazed the market months before its release. The Mi 5S features a new type of technology that other companies are rushing to try to utilize as soon as possible. The photos leaked also provided the market with an idea of the new, appealing look of the next phones; with all of the very improved features and components.

These leaked pictures and the leaked information harmed the phone and company because it made the competitors more anxious to produce a better phone. There will be more phone, like this, that will be coming out in 2017 to try to compete. It is unsure which will be better overall, but the Xiaomi Mi 5s is the first to use many of the features.


The Xiaomi Mi 5S’s price was also leaked before it was released, or is at least rumored to be $447. That is just for the original, so the plus version price was still uncertain. The phone is incredibly expensive, but it does feature very new technology that has not been used on a phone before. The actual price of the phone, which varies based on the store, is around $345 for the original, not plus, model.

The phone features many functions like an improved camera, underglass fingerprint scanner, and is made completely of metal to make it durable. So, it is reasonable that the phone is so incredibly expensive, but the price should hopefully go down as it ages. With its improved battery life and features, it should be more expensive to ensure the company still makes a profit.

Xiaomi has a business model that sets their prices as a sort of “bill-of-materials”. This puts the prices of raw-materials and how it is assembled to ensure that they make a profit from every sale.

New and Improved Fingerprint Scanner:

The technology is, wait for it, an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. This fingerprint scanner will improve the idea of scanning fingerprints to use your smartphone. Other manufacturers are scrambling to try to figure out how to best this company after its new reveals. They have not left the company alone as they try to find out how they did it; how did they improve the fingerprint scanner? It is the first underglass fingerprint scanner, so it helps scan more accurately and fully.

Being able to have a secure way to keep information, photos, and contacts is very important to many people looking for a new phone. Having fingerprint identification is invading the phone market, such as the iTunes fingerprint scan for quick purchases, so they have to improve this function. It can incorporate services like banking on your phone, keeping information locked, and more.

The fact that the scanner is under the glass on this phone is huge because it button free. There is no need to use a home button to scan your finger, it can be done on the entire phone. The button less component helps the screen seem bigger and makes it easier to touch, but for some that feature can be frustrating. Some need buttons to help them use the phone, as it can be difficult to work a touch screen with, say, long nails or greasy fingers.

Other Phone Features

The new underglass, buttonless fingerprint scanner is not the only reason to look at this phone, there are many other features that have been improved. The display, available space, battery, and camera have all been made better.


The phone’s display and aesthetic is quite nice. The first part of the display, which was partially discussed, is that there are no buttons, but instead an underglass fingerprint scanner. The phone is a touch screen, which is easy to use and utilize. The phone is a dual-SIM phone, which is different than other phones before it. To help the aesthetic of the phone, it comes in the following colors: pink, grey, silver, and gold. The color variety is simple but nice to look at, with a nice design.

Available Space:

The available space on the phones range from 64 GB, 3 GB RAM or 128 GB, 4 GB RAM. They try to increase the amount of space their phones can have. There is a variety, and all can be seen as quite good.


A very important feature of the phone is that has an increased battery life with a quick charge. It has a 3000mAh juice pack that can provide a full day of charge, which is pretty good for the juice pack. There are of course ways to help the battery life improve, by changing settings like screen brightness or turning off your Bluetooth or sync.

There are even ways to have the phone set these features down for a certain amount of time by turning itself off and on. The phone will turn itself off at any time you want, so you can have it off when you are asleep or know that you will not be needing it to do anything. That can be useful for those that want to maintain the battery during the night or those that want to keep their phone quiet. Looking into these features can be helpful because they all can provide the user with a better battery experience.

Ultra-Light-Sensitive Camera:

The Xiaomi 5s has a 1.55um-pixel camera that is light sensitive. This means that there is a 77% increase in image sensor size as well as quality. There is no loss of backlight whether the photo is taken during the day or night. You can take very dynamic, high-quality images that maintain its shine.

Photographers or photography-enthusiasts can take better quality photos. This phone can be a good way to take photos anywhere, since it is inconvenient to carry large, professional cameras everywhere. Everyday life shots can still be dynamic and beautiful during the day or night, professional or amateur. This is very appealing to people of all walks of life.

Even for those that do not like to take pictures can enjoy the phone, because they still might want to take one every so often. If people just take photos during special occasions or events, then this phone is better for very quick and nice quality photos.

Competitor Phone:

Since the Xiaomi Mi 5s was released, the competitor has been obvious. The Huawei P10, which is still awaiting its release date, 2017, is said to also come with an improved fingerprint scanner. It will feature a larger camera than its predecessor, that will be 1.55um-pixels. There will also be dual-PDAF + OIS features on the camera, which will make the photos taken on that phone cleaner and brighter.

These features are similar to the Xiaomi Mi 5s, so it is unsure which will be more popular after the P10’s release. Both try to push the boundaries of the photo taking world on mobile phones while improving the fingerprint scanners.

The P10 and other future phones by the competitor companies in the phone industry could take away the hype that was built for the new Xiaomi phone, but at least the Mi 5s can make a profit before that happens. It is the only phone with these features out right now, so it could take a lot of the customers before the other companies try to beat it.

It has even been compared to the Google Pixel phone, as they have similar features. The Pixel, however, is more expensive if you look at the total price of its materials.

Xiaomi Mi 5s On Top?

For how long will the Xiaomi Mi 5s stay popular and on top? That is hard to tell, because it can only really be told when the other companies release their similar phones. The new phones from companies like Huawei or Apple that will be released in 2017, or other years to come. It can be said for certain though that Xiaomi has started a new trend in mobile phones that will help improve them for the better. There will be a surge of improvement in fingerprint screening and photo taking. If the Xiaomi Mi 5s still stays popular even when more phones come out then that will be good for the company, but if it doesn’t, then at least it can be known for causing the new phones to be what they are.

The leaks provided for the phone really helped give ideas to other companies that were shocked by what they had to compete with. They could have harmed the length of time for the phone to be successful since they made the competitors want to improve their phones early. But, it is very hard to limit leaks in a world where the internet is so powerful and, to some, easy to operate.

The Xiaomi Mi 5s, along with the 6 that is coming out in 2017, should be looked out for because of their features and the quality of the company. Maybe these phones will bump the company up from their fourth place as a large phone company and help them become more popular.