Xiaomi’s Mi 6 Will Have Three Versions

Xiaomi’s Mi 6 Will Have Three Versions

Xiaomi is gearing up to launch its next primary mobile product, the Mi 6. Rumors have been circling regarding the exact release date. Some suggest the Xiaomi Mi 6 will hit the market as soon as February 14th. Others say April will be the launch of the highly anticipated smartphone. Finally, other rumors floating around indicate it will be for sale in March.Xiaomi-Mi-6-3 versions

There has been no confirmation from Xiaomi on the exact time of the release of the Mi 6. All that has been acknowledged is that it is likely to be available in the first half of 2017. With that being said, it could be released as early as February or as late as June.

No matter when this phone will be released, it’s going to become a game changer. There were leaks claiming the new Xiaomi Mi 6 will come in two versions – flat screen and curved screen. But the latest leaks show that next Xiaomi Mobile will have three versions.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 will sport Qualcomm’s latest chipset dubbed as the Snapdragon 835. This is the first 10nm SoC of the chip maker, and it’s going to grab all the prizes. We have already seen the spotted Mi 6 AnTuTu result of 250.000 that simply means this CPU will be a beast. However, it’s said the Xiaomi Mi 6’s third version will sport MediaTek Helio X30 SoC. The latter will be priced at 1999 yuan ($288), and it will be the most affordable offer of this phone.Xiaomi-Mi-6-4

Other than that the Xiaomi Mi 6 will comes with the Snapdragon 835. One model will sport a flat screen and cost around 2499 yuan ($360), while the second version will sport a curved screen and cost 2999 yuan $(432). This means the Mi 6 will be considered as the cheapest Snapdragon 835-powered device in the high-end smartphone market.

The previous flagships from this line in face of the Xiaomi Mi 5S and Mi 5S Plus didn’t implemented the mission put on them. And the most explainable reason of that failure was conditioned with the mismatch of the rumors and reality. I mean we have been waiting to see a ceramic body, a curved screen and many high-end features on the Mi 5S, but none of the mentioned specs appeared. Seems the company is going to fix this and the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6 will sport a ceramic body as well as a curved screen.

The Xiaomi Mi 6Xiaomi-Mi-6-3

Xiaomi is known as the world’s fastest growing producer of smartphones. The company originated in Asia and has grown exponentially in the six years since its launch. Their success has opened the doors to markets around the world including India, Brazil, and South Africa.

Loyal Xiaomi consumers have been anxiously awaiting the launch of the next flagship smartphone, Mi 6. Among the various rumors of a release date, there are also rumors that 3 versions of the mobile device will be released. Initially the rumors speculated that two versions of Mi 6 would be released, but that has now increased to three.

It is believed that the Mi 6 will come in a flat screen as well as a curved screen. The third version of the Xiaomi Mi 6 is said to model MediaTek Helio X30 SoC.

The Mi 6 will also come with Snapdragon 835 and is expected to have a ceramic body.

Previous Mi ReleasesXiaomi-Mi-6-1

The previous two smartphone releases, Mi 5S and Mi 5S Plus did not live up to the expectations of Xiaomi consumers. There had been lots of rumors surrounding these flagship phones, but neither ended up being what the rumors proclaimed. The Mi 5S was expected to have a ceramic body and a curved screen, but that was not the case.

This left fans of the brand disappointed and anxious for the next release. It seems Xiaomi will deliver these designs with the Mi 6.

Price and Storage

The prices of each version of the Mi 6 have been leaked. The first version will be the one with a flat screen and it is expected to be priced at $360.

The second model will feature a curved screen and is said to be $432.

The third version, X30, is expected to retail for the low price of $288.

In regards to storage, the version with the curved screen will have the most memory at 6GB. The flat screen version, as well as the X30 version, will each possess 4GB.

Consumers Are Waiting!

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is anticipated to feature many improvements over the Mi 5S and Mi 5S Plus. It is also believed that many of the features will be superior to those of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

As the rumors continue to circle regarding the three versions and various features of the Mi 6, fans of the smartphone brand will be anxiously looking forward to a release date. When that launch date is, has not yet been confirmed.

As for memory, there will be 4GB for the flat and X30 version, while the curved screen model will come with a 6GB of RAM. Thus the Xiaomi Mi 6 will sport better (or identical) features compared to the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, and most likely the latter will remain out of the game.