Xiaomi Mi Max and Mi Max Prime- The MIUI 9 ROM Update

Do you have a Xiaomi Mi Max or Mi Max Prime? Well, if you do, then do you have the new update? The MIUI 9 ROM update, which was available recently for a couple of the other Xiaomi devices, is now available for the Mi Max and Mi Max Prime. It is available internationally, which is incredibly exciting.Xiaomi mi max miui 9 update


If you do not know what the MIUI is, then I’ll try to explain it briefly. It is an Android ROM that was developed by Xiaomi for their devices, and it is customizable. The ROM is now on its 9th update.

Some of the Features Available in Update

This update, as mentioned, features a lot of new changes that can be quite useful. If you have an interest in editing photos, wanted a phone assistant like IOS devices do, then you will be satisfied. Here are a couple of the features:

  • New Search Assistant

  • Interesting New Photo Editor

  • Split Screen

  • Notification Shader and Aesthetic Changes

How to Download and Install

For most users, there was a pop-up notification on the device that alerted them of the update so they could install it, and for some it was automatically installed. However, some users have not had either of these happen and will need to install it manually by going into the phone settings and searching for an available update.

Version Names on Respective Phones

It is the same update, but it has a different name based on the device. The updates all have the same features but may be at a different time, so they end up being named slightly differently.

Mi Max Device Update – v9.1.1.0.NBCMIEI

Mi Max Prime Update – v9.1.2.0.NBDMIEI

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t already then I would say to go download and install the update as soon as possible. Take advantage of the amazing features that are available. Maybe this is also a reason for other people to switch to a Xiaomi device.