Xiaomi Mi Mix Mini Leaked – 5.5-inch, Snapdragon

Throughout the years, mobile phones have gotten larger and larger, to the point of being obnoxious and inconvenient. They have been jokingly called “phablets” because some are almost as big as tablets; which probably defeats the purpose of having a mobile phone. I mean, at least cellular phones can call and text, but there are apps on tablets that allow them to do that, to an extent. The new Xiaomi Mi Mix Mini brings back the small, convenient look of the older mobile phones.

Xiaomi has brought back the beloved small phones, ones that can actually fit in most pockets. Being able to carry your phone in a safe way that limits loss is quite hard as the phones grow larger. The phone is around 5.5 inches big, which is smaller than the typical 6.5-inch cellphone. It is the same Xiaomi Mi Mix but at a much more reasonable size, which caused a lot of fans to be happy. They kept most of the important features, such as the fingerprint scanner and the edge-to-edge screen that was so crucial to the Mi Mix.

The features, along with a very handy size and the powerful battery, help make it a convenient and amazing phone. It can provide users with a sense of grace, due to the ability to hold the phone better than most phones. There are not many differences, but just enough to make the phone more convenient.

Xiaomi the Company

Xiaomi, a consumer electronics company that mainly produces a series of mobile phones, was founded in Beijing, China in 2010. Since its founding, the company has raised to the fourth largest phone making company. It develops as well as sells smart phones, laptops and desktops, mobile apps, and other relative technology. While they pride themselves in selling many different electronic devices, most of the profit that they get is from mobile phones. In 2015 its total revenue was 20 billion USD. The latest phone that they have created is the Xiaomi Mi 5S, and it’s partner is 5S plus version, but they have produced some popular ones, like the Mi Mix Mini.

The first international expansion to the company was announced in 2014, when Xiaomi said they were building a headquarters in Singapore. This universal expansion then moved onto India, in 2015, where two major retailer sites started to sell Mi devices. That was the first time that any Mi devices were sold online through e-commerce sites. Then, the Mi 4i was released in India before any other country for the first time. Later that year they continued by selling their smartphones outside of Asia, as well as making one outside of Asia, for the very first time.

The company ensures that they listen to customer feedback by allowing users to test out features. The idea of having an “internet community” that supports the company is important to Xiaomi, so they try to stay friendly and eager to listen.

Many of the phones that this company produces are remade, or enhanced, by changing features of the phone that people do not like. This Xiaomi Mi Mix and its mini version are just an example of these enhancements and changes.

Xiaomi’s New Phone Leakedxiaomi-mi-mix-mini-leaked

The phone was leaked early, and caused a lot of excitement due to the change in size. The leaks managed to help reveal the good points of the phone, so it could be seen as positive. It still has the frameless look of the Mi Mix, but is considerably smaller.

Both the original as well as the mini have a Snapdragon 821 processor. Since it is smaller, however, there had to be some changes made; the Mi Mix Mini has 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

The phone was leaked about a month before it was actually released this year. Photos along with the size and some of the features were leaked by unknown sources. This is not the first time one of their phones was leaked just before it was released. It will surely not be the last time, and it could have been on purpose because of how often it is happening. The publicity could have benefited the company.

Original Xiaomi Mi Mix

The original Xiaomi Mi Mix is a whopping 6.5 inches and has features such as geo-tagging, face detection, and panorama. The phone is exactly an inch larger than the mini, so the screen is larger and there is more space available. Many enjoyed this model, but disliked the size as it is horribly big.

There are some similarities between the two phones since they are made by the same company and are essentially “related” phones. Both of the models have a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, so that feature was not lost. It also shares a strong battery, as the original can charge to 83% in just half an hour. They also both share the same processor, the Snapdragon 821, so they are still very similar.

The original Xiaomi Mi Mix is available in two different storage sizes; 4GB Ram and 6GB Ram, which is larger than the mini’s available storage. To some this is a very large difference, but it is not that different.

This phone was meant to be a “concept phone” to help show the various improvements that could be made to modern phones. It was meant to show the possibilities of the future in a creative way. The edge-to-edge screen is just one of the major improvements made to make change.


I was unable to find the exact price of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Mini, but the price is supposedly around 500 yuan, about $73 USD, not much more because of the reduction to the various features and whole size. It is a reasonable price considering the quality of the product but differing size. The phone will be considerably less expensive than its bigger counterpart, the Mi Mix. The price could change the longer the phone is out as well as how popular the phones being released in 2017 are.

Phone Features

The phone has more going for it than just its size, since it has a fair amount of interesting features. Some of the features are the HD display, battery life, and high quality back and front cameras. It does have a shortened amount of space since, obviously, the phone was physically shortened and could not have all of the same components. But, aside from that, it is still a fairly good phone that matches its companion.


While the phone is smaller than its original, but that does not worsen the display quality. The 5.5-inch screen still has a full HD display, so the picture is still nice. It can still be used to view pictures, movies, and other videos; or you can play games in your free time with a good quality screen.

Available Space:

Due to the decrease in size, the company had to decrease the amount of space available on the phone. It has a total of 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, which is not that bad considering the benefit of having a smaller phone that is still high quality. There are ways to preserve space, though, that can keep the phone looking good to possible buyers. So, try to look at the other features before writing the product off. It still has a fair amount of space, so there could be ways to utilize the phone anyways.


Xiaomi Mi Mix Mini has a very powerful 4100mAh battery that can make the small phone a very handy phone to carry around. It eliminates, or at least helps reduce, the battery problem that many mobile phones have. With a small, handy size and a very powerful battery, the Mi Mix Mini is a very powerful phone. All of the functions make it a phone to be adored and used.

To complete the small phone with a very strong and long lasting battery really makes an almost perfect phone. It has raised the standards of mobile technology. The battery life is very important to many people when they start looking for a new phone. This could help take the negative attention off of the low storage available.


The cameras are still good quality, just like the screen, despite the size change. The rear camera is 16-MP and the front camera is 8-MP. They are still fully functional and can provide good quality photo despite their sizes.

Photographers or photography-enthusiasts can take better quality photos. This phone can be a good way to take photos anywhere, since it is inconvenient to carry large, professional cameras everywhere. Everyday life shots can still be dynamic and beautiful whether they were taken by a professional or an amateur. This is very appealing to people of all walks of life, while being nice to hold.

Even for those that do not like to take pictures can enjoy the phone, because they still might want to take one every so often. If people just take photos during special occasions or events, then this phone is better for very quick and nice quality photos. This is a crucial part to a phone for many people, so it might be hard to want a phone that has a smaller screen. This phone, however, does not compromise the quality of the photos and therefore is easier to carry around.

Competitor Phones

The Xiaomi Mi Mix was one of the first edge-to-edge phones created, so it is fairly important that it is being remade. A possible competitor phone could be the upcoming edge-to-edge iPhone 6 phone, since they both share the same large screen idea. Apple is certainly trying to fight with the Xiaomi company as they continue to produce very edgy and new mobile phones. The phones they create utilize the new features that are needed for phones, like fingerprint screens and edge-to-edge screens.

Some of the other phones that people are looking forward to in 2017 are the LG G6, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, HTC 11, and the OnePlus 4. All of these phones are highly anticipated so they could possibly overshadow the Mi Mix Mini. Their releases are to be looked out for and how they affect the Xiaomi company. It will even be Apple’s iPhone’s 10 anniversary, so they will most likely use marketing to ensure that all of the attention is on their phones.

Other possible competitors involve the future Apple phones as well as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy. Both will, or could, feature the same full screen that Xiaomi is trying to sell very proudly. There could be other competitors, but the importance of being the first to use these functions could earn them a long standing popularity or a large amount of money before others steal the limelight from them.

The Xiaomi company has provided a lot of high quality phones that are becoming more popular, since the company is the fourth largest mobile phone producing company. They have tried to utilize new features and change in their phones, which is shown in the Xiaomi Mi Mix Mini. The partner phone and the mini are not that different, but they are both good quality phones that could apply to a variety of people; those who prefer large phones or those who don’t, or those that yearn for more storage and those that don’t.

Small phones can really be the next way to go for improving mobile phones. They provide people with an easier way to hold, carry, and keep their phones safe. These Mi Mix Mini’s could help improve the future of phones. Xiaomi is a company to be looked out for because of the very interesting ideas. There are various ways to improve phones, but the size is certainly important to someone that has had trouble keeping their phone in their product. It is certainly something to look forward to as the company’s progress and tried to best one another. More phones could start to create smaller sizes that are a lot easier to carry.

  • The design of the phone is very cool. And it has the white version now. Chinavasion.com