Xiaomi Mi Mix – Price And Features

Xiaomi is no doubt making its way up in the smartphone world as a competitor to the bigger brands like Apple and Samsung but it still has a long way to go if it is to get among the best of the best. The Xiaomi MI MIX has been described as one of the most incredible phones released on the smartphone market to date, especially in China. This phone is currently making its rounds all over the internet as being one of the most world’s profitable mobile phones. While most people would normally write this phone off as merely a concept but it is SO much more than just that. It should be noted that the technology for the Xiaomi MI MIX is years ahead in terms of the technology.

Design Background

The phone was designed by Philippe Starck, a famous French designer known for his architectural designs. According to an interview Starck has done with the website Dezeen, he says that he designed the phone to eliminate pollution and that he just wanted the image in which he could see the people that he loved.

Starck’s design for the device to be made in polished black ceramic which is known to be the oldest of any materials that are normally used in the design and construction of any mobile devices. Starck has also gone onto say that the ceramic material is strong and warm and that the structure is very similar to jade.

Screen Size and Displayxiaomi-mi-mix

The phone has a 91.3% body-to-screen ratio when it comes to its screen size which makes the phone a real fascination to people when it comes to technological advances in their favorite technology. It is also an absolute must have if you want to make the most out of the device’s biggest asset. The edges of the device are nearly borderless with a ceramic chassis which makes the MI MIX the most fragile phone within the Xiaomi brand and any smartphone on the market now. The best part of the MI MIX phone’s large screen is its does not make the user think they are using a tablet or anything in-between. In other words, it has a 6.4-inch screen which might sound terrifying to most people but it is not that bad once you compare it to most other smartphone screens that are either too large or too small.

The phone is almost made entirely out of ceramics and that includes the phone’s back panel, frame and the device’s functional buttons. The screen is incredibly scratch resistant and as earned a whooping 8.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. You cannot argue with that, now can you? You would still need a screen protector, just in case the screen does get stretched up. You can never been too cautious.

If treated well, the phone will eventually display signs of discoloration and dents after a few years of usage. Now, THAT is a good thing to have. You will not get many phones that will do this without looking terrible after being used for a certain amount of time.

The device features a screen brightness of 500 nit and allows for a reduce in power consumption and usage and helps to extend the phone’s operating time, which is a must if you use the internet a lot. You no longer need to squint in the sun on a lovely (and bright) day while using your phone. The MI MIX has the ability to boost the image quality to a ratio of 1300:1 which provides a sharp and rather good looking image.

When viewing photos and video the phone is well equipped to hand up to 2040x1080FHD resolution with a ppi (pixel per inch) pixel density of 362.

In order to make the phone’s screen a better workplace for anyone that works on it as well as making phone calls, the front camera is 50% smaller and located at the very bottom of the screen. Basically, it is smaller than the front camera on most iPhones. The proximity sensor sits in the same place under the screen. The front camera is known as the 5MP front snapper because of how small it is and is a big deal when it comes to taking photos. The camera will rotate its user desires to take a selfie. Pretty neat, hey?

Phone Features

Been looking for a phone that is unlike anything you have ever used before? Look no further then the Xiaomi MI MIX. It puts devices such as the Galaxy S7 Edge (by Samsung) to utter shame when it comes to the screen size. There are no boundaries when it comes its screen, basically.

Unlike most newer smartphones on the market at the moment, the Xiaomi MI MIX is very different from its competitors. It is nearly entirely all screen which is ideal if you want to see the ‘whole picture’ or you want to work with very few limitations.

The MI MIX smartphone has an unibody construction but this only comes in black as of currently.

In terms of audio, the phone has a bone conduction that is often found in some brands of headphone sets and have been used in the recent release of Google Glass.

When it comes to answering a call, all the user has to do is to hold the phone up at face level and simply touch it your face. The phone will then answer the incoming call. No need to touch the screen with your fingers.

The phone will also have an ultrasonic proximity sensor instead of the standard infrared module. This module will be hidden behind the phone’s screen.

Want even more techno coolness? The body of the phone is made from ceramic, has 18 karat gold (that’s right! Gold! Who would have thought?!) highlights that surround a fingerprint sensor pad and it even has a 16MP lensed camera and an additional camera on the front of the device that is half the size of front cameras on other smartphone fronts.

The 18 karat gold is only available in the special edition version of the phone.

In relation to the phone’s camera, the secondary camera on the is 5 megapixels in equality.

The way the phone charges is unique as well. The phone’s battery is 4,400mAh and has Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 in order to help the phone charge to full max which will be spoken about in the next section of the article.

Other Specifications

The MI MIX phone has a Snapdragon 821 processor 6GB RAM and storage power of 256GB that is used to flagship the phone. If you want fastness with your phone’s processor, this is the phone to get.

With the release of the phone will come devices with 4GB of RAM and up to 64GB worth of storage but they will not have the gold accents like the higher spaced product. To finish off this spec list is the news that the MI MIX will run on an Android operating system with MIUI 8. The device will also run on a 4,400mAh battery that is Quick Charge with the ability to have wireless payments as well as hi-resolution audio playback. Time to bring out the music.

The technology that is built in with this new phone is called cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology that is the main reason while Xiaomi has done away with the speaker system. This allows for great sound which is great for when you want to play music from your phone without having to plug it into speakers or hooking the device up to Bluetooth speakers and draining the battery.


Everyone wants a top-notch processor, regardless if they are using a phone, a tablet or a computer of any type whether it be desktop or laptop. With the Xiaomi MI MIX, the phone is more than capable of handling 2.35GHz which associates with Adreno 530 graphics. Because of these two vital things, the smartphone can handle games and graphics that are incredibly demanding. That also means high equality graphics and images for all your gaming and photo needs.

Audio and Sound

The MI MIX has 192Hz/24-bit chip for audio in hi-res. This enables the user to listen to their favorite music from their favorite artists as if the music has come straight from the recording studio or from a CD or digital download.

SIM Cards and Network Connectivity

The MI MIX allows the usage of a dual Nano-SIM. The phone also comes with WIFI, Bluetooth, a NFC module and GPS. The phone’s internet operation will operate on a 4G+, 4G, 3G or 2G networks.

The use of this networks is great as countries have shut down the usage of their 2G networks but have continued with the others.

Where to Purchase and Protection

The MI MIX is not yet on sale but it is expected to go on sale wherever good smartphones are sold.

The first lot of Xiaomi MI MIX phones are expected to go on sale on Friday at 10am sharp. Be sure to grab one and be sure to add some kind of protection to the device as there is accident insurance of 249 yuan/$36.9 just in case something goes wrong. Let us just hope that this does not happen.

It should be available for purchase in November or December so be on the lookout for it at any place that sells smartphones, tablets and their accessories.

Explaining the Fragile State

The phone is known for being very fragile. There is no longer any protective feature like the Corning Gorilla Glass Protection. If the device is dropped in any way, the screen will crack and will require replacing.

The reason for the fragile screen state is due to Xiaomi using a bezel-less design and a much lighter ceramic frame while sacrificing the strength that other smartphones have in their screens. In other words, the phone screen will break…big time.


The Xiaomi MI MIX is still popular despite the fragility of its screen. The phone is especially popular in America and the phone’s design is also rumored to be the future of smartphone frame design.


Despite the fragility of the phone screen, there is a number of rumors going around about the phone and its association with the future of Apple’s iPhone 8. Such rumors include:

  • Xiaomi has influenced the design of the future iPhone 8

  • MI MIX has no speaker in the front but has a speaker inside the screen of the device

  • That Xiaomi has influenced where the speakers will be placed in the iPhone 8

All these are rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak.


So, like every other product the MI MIX has prices for each of its products, depending on the size capable of the device.

  • 4GB/128GB – $510

  • 6GB/256GB – close to $600

The prices for this phone are somewhat cheaper than that of more well-known phones such as the iPhone 7 Plus, the Pixel XL or the LG V20. This is terrific for a phone that is so far up on the futuristic food chain. However, there is a downside to buying the device if you, the user and buyer are buying the MI MIX from outside of China. There is so far no mention of 4G LTE connectivity for the device if you are living outside of China.

Another price that should be looked at is the above mentioned accident insurance price of 249 yuan/$36.9. This cost should be thought about as it would be useful, should something happen with the device. Think of it as AppleCare but for Xiaomi devices.

While the phone might not look or sound like much because of its fragile state, the MI MIX is ideal for anyone who wants a smartphone that is different from all the other phones on the market at the moment.