Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5 inch review

Laptops. Computers. Can’t live without one sitting in your workspace, are we right or are we just right? Yeah okay, then you get the general idea. We are very excited to have been asked to talk about one of the newest laptops on the market and we will do our upmost best to talk about in as much detail as we can.

The Xiaomi Air 12 laptop was created by the same people that brought the world the Wowstick Screwdriver, the Mi TV and of course, the Xiaomi Mi Mix range of phone, have also created a lightweight laptop computer that can be used by anyone who technological savvy. We are really loving this new computer and we hope that you will love it too.

We are thrilled to be looking at this laptop computer and to be analyzing its uniqueness and comparing it with its product competitors. So, without further ado, let us get into the article.

One final note before we enter into the main article, our final evaluation of the product will be down in the article’s conclusion so be sure to check it out.xiaomi-mi-notebook-air

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What Is It?

The Xiaomi Air 12 laptop is unlike any laptop you might have seen or used in your quest for finding the perfect laptop for whatever you need it for. It is ideal for every task you might undertake but it does not come equipped with an optical drive which seems to be the craze with laptops nowadays. But, no matter. A lot of the tasks regardless if it has an optical drive. We really don’t mind if it has an optical drive, we just thought we would mention it.xiaomiminotebookair

The Xiaomi Air 12 laptop is a hybrid device that is capable of working with both Android and Microsoft Windows and is made specifically to work with both of these when they are installed on the computer’s system. Think of the process as the Xiaomi version of Bootcamp that is used to integrate Windows onto a Macintosh. Seems like the inspiration came from the world of Apple and its MacOS system. That is certainly an interesting fact to take into account so if you are thinking of changing from a Mac to a PC or having used Bootcamp before (if you have used a Mac integrated with Windows) then this feature will be familiar to you.

However, there is a slight catch when doing this to your computer’s operating system. If alterations are done on the OS (operating system), the device might experience a void of warranty if it breaks down or suddenly stops working so please be careful if you are considering do modifications to your system. If there is a void of warranty, no refund will be given if this occurs. Like stated before, take extreme care with what you add to your operating system and how you go about it. There is nothing worse than losing the warranty and then by chance the computer dies on you. That would be very bad indeed.


Every laptop has its own set of specifications that assist the potential buyer into knowing what features the device might have. It is basically a guide to the most basic of features. Below is a list of the specifications for this product.

  • Runs Windows 10 Home OS (operating system). An alternative Chinese Home version of Windows 10 can be operated on the system if needs be

  • Runs with Intel Core m3-6Y30 Dual Core 0.9GHz processor that goes up to 2.2GHz if required

  • 12.5-inch IPS Screen with 1920×1080 resolution

  • 4GB DDR3 RAM for advanced multitasking jobs

  • 128GB SSD Storage

  • USB Type C Port

  • HDMI Output

  • Has a 7.4V/5000mAh 37Wh battery and supports fast charging

  • Front Camera that is ideal for photos as well as Face to Face chat

  • Bluetooth connectivity 4.1xiaomi-mi-notebook-air-125-gold-012

There is a load of great features on this list and we just know that you might agree. Who doesn’t love a device that only takes a short amount of time to charge instead of the dreaded hours? That’s one thing we hate. There is nothing worse than having to wait for something to charge.

We are also very fond of all the storage ports and the quick processor that really come in handy when doing multiple tasks at once as well as the camera that allows for video chat.


For the Xiaomi Air 12 laptop, there is a massive discount that we are providing for 64% of the original marked price making it now $817.86 in Australian dollars. What a great deal! We love a good bargain and we have a feeling that you do as well.

Other Similar Products

There are a load of other products that are just as great as the Air 12. Here are just a handful of products that are just like the Air 12 and shares many of its features down to a tee. We hope you find this list incisive.

  • CIVILTOP G672FB Notebook

  • AZPEN A1160 Notebook

  • CHUWU Lapbook Windows 10 Laptop

  • PiPO Work-W9S Laptop

  • DEEQ A116 Laptop

  • VOYO VBOOK A1 Notebook


With a 4.8 rating from the customer reviews that it has received, the word has gotten out that people have tried this new computer out for themselves and are really loving it. The Xiaomi Air 12 laptop is quite powerful and is ideal for any user both new and old, Windows and/or Android user.

It is excellent for anyone that is an avid Windows user and is ideal for anyone who is looking to use a different computer over the ones they have used in the past. It is also great news for any avid Android phone user that has the appreciation and the dream of being able to use Android on their computer as well.

As we are now wrapping up this article, we advise that if you have any questions in relation to the product, feel free to leave a comment below this review or look us up on any of our mentioned social media platforms that appear on the main website.

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