Xiaomi Mi Pad 2: Price And Features

Xiaomi is a popular consumer electronics company in China. They do everything from smartphones, of which they are the 4th most popular company for, to tablets and laptops.

Though their first Mi Pad didn’t do everything they had hoped for, the Mi Pad 2, which was released November 27th, 2015 in China, has a lot more elements and parts that should bring the Mi Pad into the limelight.

There is both a 16GB and a 64GB version of this tablet, with about a fifty-dollar difference between them.

The Mi Pad is an Android tablet, but there is also a Windows 10 version of the Mi Pad 2, exclusively 64GB, since the processor is able to handle the demands of Windows 10.xiaomi_mi_pad_2_review_price

What Makes a Good Tablet?

Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a tablet you can pick up and play games on, then that’s one type. If you’re looking for a tablet that could replace a laptop, that’s completely different.

It’s obviously difficult to find a tablet that could actually replace your laptop. Microsoft has been doing so with the Surface Pro series, but there are still things you can’t do with that tablet that you can with a laptop.

Heavy duty games are definitely not going to be an option when looking at tablets. There simply aren’t strong enough GPU’s in tablets to handle that type of gaming. Apps and other smaller games work well with tablets.

Computing power can be incredibly important. A tablet should have a strong enough processor to keep up with most things you are doing without lag.

A tablet should have a strong way to connect to the internet, whether it’s through Wi-Fi or through cellular data. It shouldn’t flicker on and off because it can’t properly connect.

Along with that, if you travel a lot, it might be nice to have a tablet that has a SIM card. Then, you’ll be able to connect to the internet wherever your tablet has service.

You do have to pay for this service, but if you have a tablet that is compatible with your cell phone service, it definitely makes things easier.

If you are looking for a tablet that can at least slightly replace your laptop, you’ll want a tablet that has the ability for some sort of typing software, like Word. There are also free typing software online, if you don’t have access to Word.

The camera doesn’t have to be state-of-the-art, but having a decent camera definitely doesn’t hurt. If you’re looking for more than ten megapixels, though, I’d look at getting an actually camera. Anywhere from 8-10 is good for a back camera on a tablet.

Generally, people who look to buy tablets want something that’s easy to transport and is preferably light. Under two and a half pounds works well for this and won’t bog your bag down.

The display on your tablet definitely matters. You won’t want a tiny display where you can barely see anything you’re reading. You also won’t want something that feels like you are carrying a book.

A tablet that is less than a foot long would be best. It feels more natural and is easier to hold in your hands. If you want something bigger, buying a laptop would be better.

How important is sound? Having a tablet that has decent sound and a headphone jack is best. If you aren’t a fan of the sound, you can buy a pair of headphones that has the sound you want.

If you don’t want to spend the extra on good headphones, then buying a tablet which can play good quality music is a must.

Battery power is definitely important, as it is with any electronic device. You don’t want a tablet that dies a few hours after using it. Seven to nine hours of battery life is pretty good for a tablet, but if you can get one that’s longer, it’s even better.

For a tablet that is used to replace a laptop, you’ll most likely need to deal with a lower battery. It takes a lot more to process Word or other software that you might need for you job or whatever you use the tablet for.

People who are casual users of a tablet should be pretty happy with seven to nine hours of battery, though. It will hold up well with playing simple games.

If you need to use your tablet for work or school, having an operating system like Windows is helpful. You’ll be able to use your tablet for things like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint and other things like that.

Storage is another important thing in a tablet. If you’re going to have a lot of files and documents, then you’ll want to have a good amount of storage. Even if you can’t find a tablet with the storage you want, you can still buy an external hard drive.

Having a pen input might be handy if you use a tablet for drawing or similar things. Also, a tablet with Bluetooth capability is a nice perk. It makes it easy to connect to other devices.

Overheating can be an issue of a lot of electronic devices. Since you’ll be holding your tablet, you won’t want it overheating and getting too hot to hold. Many laptops will do just that after playing a lot of intense games.

With all of these things in mind, how does the Mi Pad 2 hold up against these things and other tablets?


This tablet resembles the iPad Air 2, with an entirely metal body. It is 6.95 mm thick, which is thicker than the iPad Air 2.

It has rounded edges, making it smooth and unlikely to dig into your skin. Also, it is difficult to accidently hit the home button and other buttons at the bottom of the tablet due to its design.

This tablet only weighs 322 g and is 200.4 x 132.6 x 6.95 mm. It’s lightweight and can easily be held without feeling bulky and cumbersome. It can also be put in many different sized bags and transported easily.

It comes in two colors, dark grey and champagne gold. If these colors don’t suit your needs, you can always get a case in a color you want.


The screen is 7.9 inches and its resolution is 1536 x 2048, which is in pixels. It has 326 ppi pixel density. There are a lot of pixels on the screen, which helps with sharpness of certain things.

It has an LCD touchscreen with 16M colors. With those colors, you will be getting a crisper display with better colors. LCD screens are generally reflective, but you will be able to look at the tablet from multiple angles and still read what it says.


This tablet has a lot of good things that will help it run smoothly.

It has an Intel Atom X5-Z8500, which is quad-core and 2.24 GHz. For a processor, this one is very power-efficient, meaning it won’t take as much battery to power. This processor is also perfect for everyday tasks.

It also has an Intel HD graphics GPU. You won’t be playing any heavy-duty games with this, but apps and simple games will work well. There is 2GBs LPDDR3 ram with this GPU as well.

The back camera is 8MP and the front camera is 5MP. The 8MP camera is among the better of tablet cameras. Xiaomi didn’t skimp on the camera like many other companies do.

5MP isn’t great, but it will get the job done. Using the back camera will be more beneficial in most cases.

Along with that, you can get up to 1080p videos. They will be a good quality for YouTube and other social media sites. If you want to edit those videos, there is a video editor on the tablet. For more editing, transferring the video to a computer and editing it would be best.

It doesn’t come with SIM card capability, so if you are looking for something with a little more storage


There’s not much in the ways of sound, but there are stereo speakers. It also has the capability for MP3s and WAV ringtones along with vibration.

The speakers are nice and loud and have a good sound to them. They are one of the better sounding tablets out there, which is nice if you listen to a lot of music.

This also comes with 3.5 mm headphone jack.


This tablet comes with a Li-Po 6190 mAh battery. It has a life of 649 hours when left on stand-by, 12 hours and 30 minutes of talk-time, which is for multimedia purposes, and up to 100 hours of music playing.

All of these are subject to change depending on what software you’re using or other things. They are just the best times you could get doing these things.


If you wanted Bluetooth capability, then you’re in luck. This tablet has just that. You’ll be able to connect to a wide variety of devices. This comes with v4.1.

It has an accelerometer, which is a sensor for vibration, a gyro sensor, which is for tilt capabilities, and it has a compass.

You will be able to get emails and IMs with the tablet, which is helpful for staying in touch with people.

For a browser, this has an HTML5 support for browsers. You’ll be able to download whatever browser you prefer to use which has this support.

This tablet doesn’t have Java support or a card slot for memory. It does, however, have the Android OS, if you would prefer that over the Windows 10 OS.

With the Android and Windows OS’s, playing games on the Android OS will keep the tablet cooler than while on the Windows OS. If gaming is important, the Android OS would be the better option.

This tablet can play Xvid, MP4, and H.265 videos with the video player. For music, it can play MP3, WAV, eAAC+, and Flac music files. It is nice to have players that can play many different file types.

If photo editing or video editing is your forte, then you should see what apps are available to do those things. You will be able to do basic editing to your videos and photos with what is on the tablet, but for more extensive editing, you should either look for apps or put them on a computer.

It has a relatively fast charge time. If your tablet is at ten percent, you may be able to fully charge it in around three hours.

There also aren’t any GPS or radio capabilities, which does make some things a bit more difficult, but doesn’t take away from the number of other things this tablet does have.


Overall, Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 2 is a pretty decent tablet. There are a lot of really good things about this tablet. There are also a lot of options to choose from.

There are two colors to choose from and a multitude of cases you can buy alongside it, if those colors aren’t your cup of tea.

For a casual user, the 16GB Android OS version will suffice. You may want to get the 64GB version just to have more room for games or music, if that’s what you use most often.

If you have your heart set on getting the Windows 10 version, then you’ll have to get the 64GB version, even if it is more expensive, as that version doesn’t come in 16GB.

For a tablet that is less money that something like the Surface Pro or the iPad, this does a lot of the things those tablets do. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on those tablets, then you’ll be happy with the Mi Pad 2.

On GearBest, the 16GB version is $182 and the 64GB version is $248. The Windows 10 version is a little cheaper at $240.