The Xiaomi Mi Rumors and The Possibility of the Company Going Global

Since 2015, the Mi phones have been buzz-worthy on the internet. And now, rumor has it that Xiaomi, the company behind the hyped Mi phones and a known smartphone manufactures in China, is finally making its own processor system. This is great since Xiaomi should not always rely on Qualccom and Mediatalk since the patients are a expensive production cost. If the rumors are true, the new operating system should be release with Xiaomi new Mi 6 phone.

Based on what we know; we are going to compare the rumor processor system with the Huawi Kirin. We will also compare the recent Xiaomi Mi 5or in some cases the 5s, with globally well-known brands Samsung and Apple. The reason is to see how this rumor will approve the phones. Whatever the rumors are true or not, it is great to see Xiaomi taking a great move forward in order to compete with their competitors in the global market.

The Initial Rumor Vs What We Know about Xiaomi Mi 6

According to the initial rumors, the next Mi phone will have the following features:

  • A 5.5 inch HD screen

  • 3G RAM

  • 64GB ROM

  • A finger scanner near the home button

  • MIUI8 which is based on Android 6

Some details of the latest release, Mi 6, has since been released. What we do know about the phone is that some of the rumor is wrong. The following has been proven wrong:

  • There is a 5.2-inch screen instead of a 5.5-inch screen

  • There are three internal storage options: 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB

It is rumored that the finger scanner is going to be replaced with an unique eye scanner. It seems likely that this rumor is true, but it has not been confirmed by the company. If the eye scanner is featured in the Mi 6, then it will be one of the few phones with this feature.

Although an initial rumor was circulating that the new Xiaomi phone will come in rose gold, gold, and black, there is no information on what the colors of the MI 6 will be or even if there will be a color option. Although it should be known that Xiaomi latest release, the Mi 5s does come in rose gold, gold, gray, and silver. It is more than likely that there will be choices for costumers to pick a phone color.

Xiaomi Compared to the Huawei P9

Huawei is another big manufacturer in the Asian market, and like Xiaomi is based in China. The latest release from Huawi, the P9, is a great phone especially for taking pictures since Lecia helped with the development of the phone. Some say that the Huawei P9 is the best phone that the company has released although there are some criticisms about RAM space.

The P9 has some similar features of Xiaomi phones such as:

  • a touch screen

  • Android operation system,

  • phone color choices

  • similar size (although the P9 may be slightly smaller)

There is also a similarity with the Huawei P9 and an initial rumor about Xiaomi Mi 6 in that the P9 only has 3 GB of RAM. But this is where the similarities end. The differences between the two phones includes a better camera on the P9 due to Lecia’s influence and collaboration with Huawei’ and the fact that Huawei has its own processor, which Xiaomi does not currently have one.

Based on the rumors and the information that is out about Xiaomi’s Mi 6, then it is safe to say that Xiaomi has the better phone. If any of the rumors about the Mi 6 is true, then it has more security features compared to the Huawei P9 since retina scanners are said to be used to unlock the phone. Although the Mi 6 will not have the same great camera as the Huawei P9, but there will be more selections about phone space since there are three different storage options unlike the P9.

If the rumors of the new Xiaomi processor is true then it allow any new Mi phones be on par with its competitors. The reason is that the company can spend less money on patient expenses, and focus on their brand fully going global.

Xiaomi and the Global Market

Xiaomi has already entered the global market with their Android TV Boxes. This was a step in the right direction for introducing their brand on a global scale. The TV boxes also introduced the company to one of the biggest markets in the world, the North American market. This was a smart move for the company as it introduces its products to the consumers in an unique way with a TV box, and it can build a consumer base prior to launching the smartphones that are produced by Xiaomi.

According to the rumors, Xiaomi is taking its first steps into the North American and European phone market with the Mi 6. Although the current Xiaomi phones are available on their American website, this phone is going to spread the brand of the company to a wider market. In that if there is a demand for Xiaomi phones, then more phone carriers will be associated with this brand, especially in the US where very few carriers and networks are friendly to the Mi series.

Although Xiaomi has been slowly building a niche in the global market, it still is not a big name in North America and Europe like the two biggest competitors in the two markets: Samsung and Apple. But Xiaomi has an opportunity to win over consumers that want another quality phone option apart from Samsung and Apple.

iPhone 7 and Xiaomi

While Xiaomi is not as widely known outside of Asia, Apple is a beloved brand to millions around the world. In fact, it is so popular that it is not unheard of for people to miss work or school to stand in line at the nearest Apple store to buy any new product on a release day. This holds particularly true for their iPhone series.

Compared to the Xiaomi Mi 5s and the released information about the Mi 6, the iPhone 7 has very little similarities. If you compare the Mi 5s to iPhone 7, the only real similarities are the phone color choices, the phone internal storage selections, and the fact that both are touch screens like all standard smartphones. When compared to the rumors about the Mi 6, the only similarities to the iPhone is phone storage options and a touch screen.

The iPhone 7 differs in many ways. Here is some of its features:

  • It is only 5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28 inches

  • It is dust and water resistant, and the screen is also scratch resistant

  • The user also has the option to use Apple Pay to purchase items at stores that accept mobile payments.

The retina technology of Mi 6 is the feature that stands out when compared to the iPhone. Although retina technology is becoming more common place, it is rare to see a phone that is most likely to cost less than $800 to have this available. Considering the fact that the iPhone, on average, is about $500, it is refreshing to see if the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6 is cheaper than an average iPhone sold at an Apple Store.

While the Mi series will never be an iPhone, it has the potential to be a decent Android based alternative. The Mi series may not have all the features that make the iPhone beloved, but it is more affordable than an iPhone. The upcoming Mi 6 is rumored to be using retinas to activate phones. This actually makes it more secure than an iPhone since an eye scanner is more unique than a pass code.

Xiaomi and Samsung Galaxy

The phones that Xiaomi produces are always compared to the ones that Samsung makes. Since Samsung is the other big smartphone company in the North American and European market. Samsung phones are a nice alternative to Apple’s iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy series is a popular brand of smartphones that some prefer over the competition including the iPhone.

Although many claim that Xiaomi Mi series is too similar to Samsung, I do not find that to be true. When you compare the latest of the Galaxy series, Galaxy s7, you can see that there are more differences than similarities.

The similarities between the Galaxy s7 and the Xiaomi Mi 5 are that they are similar sizes, color selections, touch screen, and they use the same Android operating system. But there are many differences as well. Here is some of the features that Galaxy has that the Mi5 does not include:

  • Dust and water resistant

  • The ability to use Samsung Pay at stores that accept it

The other noticeable difference is the fact that Galaxy s7 had to be recalled. There was a problem with the batteries that cause the phones to explode. While there was a recall for some Mi 5 phones, there was only a couple of cases of the batteries catching fire, unlike Samsung.

When compared to the rumors of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6, the Galaxy s7 does not compete. The Mi 6 is speculated to use the unique eye scanner technology that Samsung does not use for its phones. Consumers also have an option to pick whether they want a 32 GB, 64 GB, or 128 GB internal storage. The Galaxy s7 only lets costumers chose between 32 or 64 GB storage.

Although the phones are very similar, the Mi 5 and most likely the Mi 6, if the speculation is true are better than the Galaxy s7. I think that if Xiaomi does come up with its own processor, it might set it apart from the Galaxy series. It has the possibility to become one of the best Android phones.


While we do not know how the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6 is going to turn out, we know that it will not be a disappointing release. Based on the rumors and the released information, the Mi 6 is going to be amazing.

There is a rumor of a new processor system that is made specifically for the Mi series. Although it will not be until the April 2017 release date when we will know for sure. If this rumor is true, then this will allow the company to compete more with its competition. It will also cost the company less money to produce phones since the company does not have to spend money to pay for patient expenses. And it will show how much better the Mi series is compared to Huawei P series.

If you compare the phones of Xiaomi’s competition with everything that is known and speculated about the Mi 6, you will see that it is a better alternative to some of the bigger brands. As in the Mi 6 is rumored to be using retina technology to the consumers at a more reasonable price. In fact, it is very unique for a phone to use an eye scanner to activate a phone, and it is something that their competition in Xiaomi’s main market does not use.

If the other rumor about the Mi 6 is true, then there is going to be more variety in the smartphone selection in the North American and European markets. The Mi 6 is great for those who want a quality phone but at a low price. It is also important to remember that the Mi 6 is a better alternative for the Samsung Galaxy series since the two are very similar.

It is wonderful that Xiaomi is moving forward in its introduction to a more global market as a tech company. It is unknown whether the company will be as successful as its competitor, Samsung, in a global market. With the way things are now, it would not be a surprise if Xiaomi becomes a widely known brand in a few years.