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Xiaomi Mi4c is one of the best smartphones that has been released by Xiaomi Company; it comes in variety of colors ranging from white, black, blue, yellow etc. Xiaomi fans outside China sometimes find it difficult to get the Xiaomi Mi4c since it is mainly available within China. There are various websites that offer the sale of unlocked Xiaomi phones for fans within and outside the borders of China with some extra perks like free delivery, discount in shipping price etc. Some of these websites are Gearbest.com, honorbuy.com, kimovil.com etc.

Xiaomi Mi4c was released on September 2015 and has a lot of great features every phone user will love to have a feel of. With a 132g, 7.8mm thickness, Android O.S – version 5.1.1, A storage capacity of 16gb (2gb ram) and 32gb (3gb ram) which will give you enough space for files, pictures, video etc. If you like taking pictures, the Xiaomi Mi4c will serve the purpose, giving you high quality pictures. This is made possible with its 13mp primary camera and 5mp secondary camera. It is powered with Snapdragon Hexa- Core Processor 808 which is ahead of its predecessor Xiaomi Mi4i (Snapdragon 615 octa-core Processor). The processor is a very strong processor that will work very well for intensive games and apps.

We all know the importance of a good battery life in a mobile device. The Xiaomi Mi4c has a good battery life, all thanks to its 3080 mah that makes it possible to have web browsing of 9:32 hours, talk time of 18:31 hours and video playback of 10:47 hours- tell me what beats that? This is one feature that makes the Xiaomi Mi4c way ahead of its peers.

Display and UI of Xiaomi Mi4cxiaomi-mi4c

The Xiaomi Mi4c exterior is made of plastic with a matt surface, making it easy to grip, this does not make it look cheap, in fact; the case is solidly made without screak. This is achieved, partly by its non- removable battery which ensures the unit is sealed tightly at the manufacturing point. It possesses a weight of 7.8mm and height 138mm making it more diminutive than the Nexus 5 although they both have similar screen sizes. The left hand side of the phone holds the dual micro-SIM insertion tray while its right side has the power and volume buttons respectively. There is a 3.5mm headphone access point at the top of the phone along with an IR blaster that makes it possible for the phone to serve as a remote control for stereo, TV etc. A first of its kind ever introduced by Xiaomi USB connector (Type C) which enables faster charging and data transfer is located on the bottom of the phone.

Xiaomi MI4c UI is one of its many astonishing features, with a flat design for application icons and generated theme, which can be customized by the user to suit their taste. The MIUI is light years than its peers when it comes to UI design and feeling. The Interface gives the phone a tailor size feeling that makes every app or module fit into it well. The single handed feature can enable a user shrink the screen to a 3.5 to 4-inch diagonal size. This can be activated by tapping the home button, make a left or right slide to its capacitive key. Each app can be configured as long as it follows the permission manager spec, which is a new feature added to the xiaomi MI4c. The UI supports user customization to an extended length, and is closely related to the IOS design. Contacts can also be synced using the iCloud MI- account, there is also iMessage and much more to enable users have a great feel of the device.

Connectivity and Price

There are a lot of wireless connectivity options that the Xiaomi MI4c offers to users, they include:

2G- GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

3G- WCDMA: 850/900/1900/2100MH TD- SCDMA: B34/39

4G- FDD-LTE: B1/3/7(1800/2100/2600 MHz) TDD-LTE B38/39/40/41

WLAN- IEEE/802.11





The 2G (second generation) is available, although many regard it as archaic, it helps reduce power consumption and also offers less speed unlike 3G and 4G. The 3G and 4G make browsing fun giving users greater speed depending on their ISP. The Xiaomi also provides wireless local area network (WLAN) to users to connect with anytime there is a Wi-Fi signal available. There is also GPS to know the user location and much more features like OTG, Bluetooth etc. Even with the Snapdragon processor and USB Type-C port, the MI4c is still relatively cheaper than its peers. The Snapdragon 808 is the processor that is made to power the LG latest device, yet, the flagship- grade hardware is being shipped at half the price of LG G4. The price of the MI4c depends on the storage capacity of the device. 32GB (3GB RAM) is slightly expensive than 16GB (2GB RAM) of the same product. Website like honorbuy.com sells the 16GB device at the price of $129.99 and the 32GB at $229.99. However, prices vary based on where you buy from and if discounts are offered. In this era of smart phones, the MI4c is ahead and has similarities with the Google Nexus 5x. The screen opens at 441 ppi (pixels per inch).

Screen and Camera

The Screen of Mi4c is a beauty to behold, with its unique UI and display, users will get attracted to it. The screen boasts of 5.0 screen size and a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The screen works well at night due to its “night reading” feature and also during the day having a unique system of shielding direct sunlight to give the user full satisfaction when using during the day. The back camera 13MP has a function called PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) which enables users to take quick and clear pictures in a stretch. The front camera which is 5MP is good for selfies, giving you a bright and clear picture, the both cameras offer features like face beautification, detection, auto focusing, flash light, video recording and much more. One other incredible feature is the Edge Tap that allows picture taking by tapping the phone side. The camera features include touch to focus, Geo-timing, self-timer. Digital zoom and voice activation is also allowed. Shooting mode ranges from High dynamic range mode (HDR) to Panorama Effects. The screen to body ratio is 71.80 percent If you need clear pictures and videos, the Mi4c will serve you well.

Functionality and Features

Xiaomi Mi4c possesses a lot of great features. It uses Dual Micro SIM cards, the user can choose from the 2G, 3G or 4G option. Mi4c includes great features like Sensors- Light sensor, Gravity sensor, Proximity sensor, Three- axis gyro, Accelerometer etc. other features are Calculator, Alarm, Calendar, E-book, MP3, MP4, and Browser etc. The media formats accepted by the phone are:

Video format- MP4.MKV, ASF.

E-book format- PDF, TXT.

Picture format- JPEG, GIF, PNG, BNP.

MS Office format- Word, PPT, Excel.

Music Format- MP3, AAC, WAV, AMR.

The notifications include haptic feedback, polyphonic ringtones, silent mode, vibration, flight mode, music ringtones and much more.

Some other features include voice recording, voice dialing and voice commands.

The APK format is also available and is used for Android apps, E-books can also use the APK format.

Battery Life

The Mi4c uses a 3080 mah and uses a custom display, which can reduce power consumption by up to 10 percent. The USB-C connector is also used and helps in fast charging, however, it offers an adaptor than can work well for the regular USB type. The clock on screen can be seen without using the power button, just double tap the screen. Quick charge 2.0 can be used for fast charging the device too. According to a test carried by gsmarena.com the talk time lasted for 18 and half hours, the web script ran for 9 and half hours; It was also used to play video and lasted for 11 hours before its battery level dropped to 10 percent. You can also charge using the Xiaomi external pocket battery, which offers a 6250 mah at a volt of 5.1. This will allow the Mi4c to charge twice from a level 0 percent. It is not cumbersome, so it can be carried without being a burden.

Exterior Look and Software

The phone might not be like most poshly phones that are seen around, but it is also quite good looking in its own way. The exterior is made of strong plastic giving it a rugged look and quite easy to grab hold of. Its back cover is well sealed since it makes use of non-removable battery, so, don’t be afraid of losing the back cover. The power buttons, volume, charging port and much more is included in their specific places and have been explained a bit at the beginning of the article.

The software O.S is Android 5.1.1 it can also be upgraded to Android 6.0 Marshmallow and an interface known as MIUI 7 and comes pre-installed with some software. Applications can also be gotten from the third party market like APK Mirror, if the app is not available on MI store. The device and software are responsive to use, there is no lagging when using multiple apps at once on it as long as there is enough RAM space to enable effective work output of the said app.

Other Impressionable Features / Security

Are you a Modder lover? This is the right phone for you. The MI4c is modder friendly; couple of ROMs can be used on the device, there is an unofficial ROM on Xiaomi.eu. The cellular reception power is also very powerful; having an excellent Wi-Fi is no big deal where the MI4c is concerned. It comes preloaded with apps and other media stuffs like most xiaomi devices. The user can select one out of the 3 options available, they are – Allow, Deny, and Notify

Allow – enables permission request to be allowed without the need for the user to interact.

Notify- gives you options to allow or deny a request.

Deny restricts any permission request.

These are the steps needed to access the permission manager:

Tap the security icon located at the home screen of the phone.

Click on Permissions > Permission.

The lists of installed apps are present. Each application is listed along with its permissions requested during its installation

Tap on the apps you want to give permission to

Permission in the page is listed and sorted into groups such as Privacy, settings, charges.

Tap on the specified permission and set it to Allow, Notify or Deny.

Coupon and Offers

Websites like samphones.com offer Xiaomi Mi4c coupon, this helps in price slashing and supports Lantern Festival Lotte shopping with more than 20,000 items with 60% off and Extra 8-12% discount coupon. With the coupon the 32GB is sold for $117 and it also includes shipping, tell me what is better than that? Savediscount.com also offers, coupons with $10 off the actual price. Ibuygou also gave $15 – $20 coupon deal for the Mi4c last year. There are lots of website with coupon deals; a quick survey on Google search engine will give you a range of websites offering the deal. With coupons great discount is given to users to be able to afford the phone at a near to nothing cost. Coupon deals can also be used when buying other phones and not just the MI4c phone alone.


The Xiaomi MI4c is a superb phone that gives us great features at a moderate cost; the snapdragon process makes it run high grade apps and games. It outperforms most highly priced devices. There are also some negative points to be noted

Non-removable battery (still has its advantage).

Lack of Micro-SD slot.

Missing Google play from the pre-loaded applications (It can be downloaded).

Some apps are only available in Chinese.

The audio at high volume without the use of a headset is not too great.

  • I have a Xiaomi Mi4C since a year ago. Since a month ago the phone switched off with 20% or more battery power. On the Internet there are other owners of this model complaining about the same problem. And they claim that changing the battery will not solve the problem. Any clues to solve the problem? Thank you!