Xiaomi Mi6 – First Android Phone with 5G Network?

It’s not long now until the launch of the new Xiaomi Mi Note 2 smartphone from the popular Chinese brand so if you are looking to upgrade from a previous model now’s your chance! The Mi series is often more popular and thought to be superior to the cheaper Redmi series and so it’s worth investing in an Mi product.

That’s not the only exciting news though because early next year the Chinese smartphone giant will be releasing a new model: The Xiaomi Mi6! We’ll go on to talk about that in a moment but first let’s take a moment to reflect on the Xiaomi brand and it’s sudden, wide spread success.

Xiaomi Mi6: What We Know So Farxiaomi-mi-6-5g-network

Xiaomo is a fairly new brand which only hit the market a few years ago but anyone whose been following the company since its launch knows that this innovative brand is already ahead of the other smartphone giants and has already become one of the fastest growing smartphone companies worldwide. Xiaomo is already planning to launch in the West in countries like the USA and Canada so it won’t be long until they become one of the world’s biggest smart phone companies.

Here are some of the reasons why Xiaomi has become so popular as a brand.


One of the most impressive features and best-selling points of the Xiaomi brand is their ability to produce high quality, premium phones at affordable prices. This was actually one of the main reasons that Lei Jun along with 7 other partners founded Xiaomi back in 2010 because he wanted to make innovative, high quality technology accessible to everyone and not just those who can afford it.


Xiaomi has sold over 61 million phones since 2014. They started in China but they have already spread all over Asia to places like India, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and even as far as Brazil. They plan to become a global brand and will be launching in the West in due course. As is stands Xiaomi is already the 4th largest smartphone brand in the world and in 2014 they were actually in third place behind Apple and Samsung, which is very impressive for such a young company.


Xiaomi products have already been sold in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the UK by the vendor Mobicity.

Multiple Products

In addition to smartphones you can also buy Xiaomi laptops, apps and other electronic products including webcams, water purifiers and bicycles. They have also invested in smart home technology and they plan to launch an Android based 3D Smart TV.

Consumer Orientated

Xiaomi has a dedicated fan base and one of the most impressive things about this brand is that they work with their fans to create the best possible phones and in doing so they have a better idea of what people want than the giant companies which have no real interaction with the public. Many Xiaomi employees are actually former Mi fans and this focus of working with consumers to produce the best possible product is something which is likely to prove very popular all over the world.

Xiaomi really does listen to customer feedback and even lets customer test out the products themselves. They read the user forums, they listen to feedback and they actually put their customer’s suggestions into action so they can create a phone which everyone is happy with.

Business Plan

Xiaomi has a very unique business plan. They aim to use their smart phones as a way to sell their software and internet based products and try to focus more on that then on the actual hardware which is partly why the headsets tend to be cheaper than their competition. Another reason for this is that Xiaomi does not have any physical stores on the high street in the same way other brands do. Instead they sell all their products online which cuts a lot of rent and staff costs.

They also don’t employ traditional advertising campaigns and instead prefer to rely on word of mouth and social media, which shows how innovative this company really is. They really understand how the internet works and they don’t have to resort to mass advertising campaigns in the same way other brands do and as they are already one of the largest smartphone companies in Asia it’s paying off.

Xiaomi works the market by enduring that there is always a greater amount of demand than supply. They utilize limited time flash sales to grab people’s interest and to increase the desirability of the brand.


Another popular aspect of Xiaomi phones is that they tend to be very lightweight and were designed to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand. They are made out of great quality materials which ensure their durability without making them heavy and unpleasant to carry around.

Now that we’ve looked into why so many people in Asia are choosing Xiaomi as their smartphone brand let’s take a closer look at the Mi6 and what makes it so exciting.

The Xiaomi mi6

The new Xiaomi Mi6 is expected to be the best, most powerful model to come out of the Xiaomi brand so far. Read on to learn more about its specifications.


The Mi6 should have a powerful 2.7 GHZ 16-core processor. It will also have 4GB of RAM.


The Xiaomi series was always going to beat the iPhone in terms of camera specs but now it looks like they will be surging ahead of the other brands as well. The Mi6 is set to have a 23 MP camera and a 7 MP front camera. Embarrassingly enough this models front camera beats the rear camera on most iPhones!

Wireless Charging

Not only does the Mi6 offer wireless charging but it has also improved on existing technology to charge the phone as quickly as possible. You can expect an Mi6 to charge over 50% in less than half an hour!

Retina Scanning

It seems only yesterday that fingerprint scanning was all the rage but now apparently even that is outdated. The Mi6 has already moved on and incorporated retina scanning as a way to unlock your phone, buy things online and log into apps. Retina scanning is actually far more secure than fingerprints as it is harder to forge and so this will appeal to the paranoid fans among you.


The new Mi6 phone will have different storage options depending on the model you choose. These will range from 32GB as the lowest, 64GB in the middle and 128GB at the top. All of these can be extended via an SD card which can be easily added to the phone via the Micro SD slot.


The Mi6 will include a 400 MAh battery which is intended to last for hours and won’t need to be charged for as long either.


This phone is going to have an impressive exterior. The body will be made out of string, durable metal and the screen will use gorilla glass 4 to make it very, very hard to damage. Gorilla glass is shock and dust proof so shattered, dirty screens really will be a thing of the past.


The Mi6 is designed as a phablet I.e. smaller than a tablet but larger than a phone. Its screen size should be around 5.2”. The screen also boasts an impressive 4K resolution which will let you watch HD films and great quality visuals right from your mobile phone.


This phone should have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a eight core chip. Both of these components will help you run high quality games on your phone without any annoying lagging, glitches or freezes.

5G Coverage?

Sources say that the Mi6 Xiaomi smart phone might be the first ever android phone to offer 5G network coverage! If that is indeed the case it will be a major selling point for the brand and might help Xiaomi over take Samsung in the face for the top Smartphone retailer spot in 2017!

Release Date

You won’t have to wait long to get your hands on the Mi6 because the release date is set for February 2017!