Xiaomi New Portable USB LED Light

Xiaomi is a very innovative company that is constantly releasing new products designed to provide the latest technological developments to its customers. Xiaomi offers a wide variety of technology devices for various purposes. The latest of these products – the Portable USB LED Light – is a very useful device. It may not be a smartphone or camera, but this LED light is extremely practical for daily usage by anyone.Xiaomi Portable USB Light

A Brand New Product

The Portable USB LED Light by Xiaomi was released very recently, on October 9, 2017. This means that you can be one of the first to get your hands on this brand new product. This light is the third portable LED variant released by Xiaomi, with the others released in 2014 and 2015.

Benefits of LED

This brand new product is LED, meaning it will produce a very bright light – 50 percent brighter. Furthermore, the OSRAM LED bulb emits light with a natural appearance for healthy vision. It also comes with an LED chip and silver powder that prevents direct LED dazzling. Finally, this LED light saves energy, making for a sustainable investment.


The light’s 5 brightness settings with switch control give users control over how bright this light is at the moment. In addition, the light is foldable for easy storage, and flexible to bend to different angles. The light can be plugged into a USB interface panel for easy use. Rated voltage is 5V and rated power is 1.2W. The lamp is compatible with PC USB.


The Xiaomi Portable USB LED Light is extremely lightweight and easy to transport. It weighs 0.0170 kg and has dimensions of 16.90 x 1.80 x 0.90 cm. Customers can choose between blue and white color options. The device has a slim body, with the rectangular LED light panel on one end and the USB plug in on the other. The light may come with either a MI LOGO or pattern.

Online Deal

Right now, GearBest online retailer is offering this light for a special deal of only $2.99! This is a 26% discounted price. If that is not enough to sway you, GearBest is also offering free shipping.

Other Noteworthy Models

If you are looking for a similar product to the USB LED Light, Xiaomi offers many other models of highly rated lamps. Xiaomi Yeelight YLTD02YL, for example, is an excellent model priced at $33.99. If you are looking for a light suitable for kids, check out the Xiaomi Yeelight Children LED Ceiling Light for $69.99. Finally, if you are looking for a high-tech light, Xiaomi offers the Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Light for $67.99. To make for an even better deal, coupons are available for these lights.

Xiaomi plans to continue developing new lights that are smarter and larger. Keep your eyes out for these new products, and in the meantime pick up the Xiaomi Portable USB LED Light! Other sellers offer the lamp for around $3, or 19.99 yuan.