Xiaomi Notebook: Is It Just Another MacBook Knockoff?

Xiaomi Official NoteBook? Which Looks Like Macbook?

There have long been rumors that mobile phone, tablet computer, smart home ecosystem and computer hardware maker Xiaomi was going to produce a notebook computer. However, until recently, there had been nothing at all to substantiate these rumors, and no official claims had been made. Insiders theorized that the notebook would be released this June, though soaring demand made it seem more as if the notebook would be released in July instead if there even was a notebook at all. Everything was simply speculation. The CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, had not spoken up about this rumor at all, which fueled the speculation even more.

All that changed on July 15, 2016. A picture of the notebook was leaked to the Internet. The photo was very grainy and low quality. That led many people to believe that it was a render and therefore not truly an authentic picture at all. But there was one striking thing about the picture.

The Xiaomi notebook looks like a Mac book, down to the smallest detail. What could this mean? Are Xiaomi trying to imitate the MacBook? What will the price point be? Will this notebook be a good alternative to the MacBook and other portable laptops?

The Reality

The truth is, Xiaomi has released a notebook, their first. This computer retails for $750, and very much resembles the MacBook Pro. But is it like the MacBook? What features does it have? What kind of performance can you expect? By the end of this article, you will know everything there is to know about this new addition to the laptop market.

The Description

The Xiaomi Mi Air looks very much like a MacBook Air. The laptop doesn’t feature any branding or manufacturer logos. This allows you to customize the cover in the way you’d prefer without having to worry about covering over the manufacturer decal. Add stickers or anything else you might like to the top of this versatile computer.

The laptop also has an all-metal body. This design, since metal conducts heat, allows the computer to cool itself if it gets too hot. This means that there is less of a need for a heat fan and that the heat fans that do exist will not have to run as hard.

When it comes to thinness, the Xiaomi Mi is actually thinner than a typical MacBook of any caliber and weighs a little less as well. This makes it more portable and easier to carry in a backpack or in your carry-on luggage.

The audio quality on these laptops isn’t the best. However, it also isn’t the worst. The speakers are on the bottom of the laptop, which means that the sound will vibrate out under your hands. If you plan on using this laptop for gaming, you might want to use a headset as the vibration in your palms can be very distracting.

In appearance, this laptop is a competitor to the MacBook Pro. However, appearance is not the only factor when choosing a notebook. How does the Xiaomi Me Notebook computer perform?

The Stats

The Xiaomi Mi notebook comes in two screen sizes, 12.5 inches and 13.3 inches. However, screen size, as you will soon see, is not the only difference between these two laptops.

The 12.5 Inch VersionXiaoimi Notebook slim

The 12.5-inch screen is the lower-end of these two models. Instead of featuring the I5 or I7 intel processors we are all familiar with, this one boasts the less powerful M3 processor and contains a mere 128 GB of internal storage space, and a slot for external memory cards.

The 12.5-inch model of the Xiaomi Mi also features a single USB port for use with wireless mice, USB storage devices and external hard drives. It also features a Type C USB port for charging the battery.

These specs may seem to be less satisfactory than most of us are used to. If you are running heavy programs that require a lot of raw processing power, then you might want to upgrade to the 13.3-inch version of the laptop or to another laptop entirely. However, the lessened processing power of this laptop does provide one advantage. It gives the Xiaomi Me an 11-hour battery life.

The 13.3 Inch VersionXiaoimi macbook copy

The 13.3-inch version of the Xiaomi Mi notebook computer is called the Xiaomi Me Air. Along with the bigger screen, this computer features an I5 processor with up to 287 gigahertz, a 256-GB solid state hard drive, eight gigs of ram and something most portable laptops lack, a discrete Nvidia Geforce 940 MXA graphics card. Due to the graphics ability of this portable, you can play many types of games on it, though as with the smaller version, the audio is blasted out through the bottom of the notebook so it can be distracting if you’re gaming so use of a headset would not be a bad idea.

The graphics on this tiny laptop are truly astounding. The computer’s graphics card can handle full high-definition picture, and has a screen resolution of 1920X1080 pixels.

It also comes with two USb ports instead of one, and a Type C USb port for charging.

Unfortunately, the battery life is only 9.5 hours instead of eleven.

What People Are Saying

This laptop seems to be one you either like or you hate. Some people find Windows 10 to be a pro. They say that Windows is better than anything OSX has.

Other people really aren’t happy to have only the Chinese version of Windows ten. They say that the particular version of Windows ten isn’t nearly so good as the American version.

Furthermore, this laptop isn’t anything like the MacBook Air that it is imitating. No matter which model you buy, it has less memory, less ram, and less power than the MacBook, but it also costs less money.

Where To Find them

Xiaomi, sadly, is only releasing these laptops in China. That means that if you live somewhere outside China, you will have to shop at a Chinese vendor to get your laptop. There are plenty of vendors that sell these laptops, but it would be hard for a buyer outside China to ensure good quality control.

Furthermore, buying this laptop from China adds a lot of money onto the already quite expensive price of the laptop. By the time you are done, you’ve barely saved any money over the price of a MacBook Air or other higher-end laptop, including Windows models.

Xiaomi Vs. MacBook

Since Xiaomi’s Me Air takes so many cues from the MacBook Air, a comparison seems like a good way to decide which laptop best fits your needs.


The Xiaomi Me Air comes in 12.5 inch and 13.3 inch versions. The MacBook Air comes in 13.3 and 11.6 inch versions. The Me Air is lighter and slimmer than the MacBook Air in both instances. The 13.3 inch MacBook Air weighs 1.35 KG and is 17 mm thick. The Me Notebook of the same size, however, weighs in at 1.08 KG and 14.8 MM thick.

The same trend continues for both the smaller units. The 11.6 inch MacBook Air weighs 1.08 KG and is also 17 MM thick. The 12.5 Me Notebook comes in at 12.9 MM thick and 1.07 Kg. This means that the Me Notebook would be more suitable to those people who need portability. The Xiaomi also is squarer than the MacBook and doesn’t taper off.

Backlit Keyboards and USB ports

Both the Xiaomi and the Apple machine come with backlit keyboards. However, the Me Notebook comes with an HDMI port on the side, along with one or two USB ports, depending on the model. The MacBook Air features two USB ports on both its models. However, if you want to use a full HDMI port on your MacBook, you will need an adapter. Apple makes up for this by including the Thunderbolt II connections. Xiaomi were unable to reproduce these connections.

Color Choices

Color is an important factor in some people’s laptop choices. For these people, the Xiaomi notebooks come in either silver or gold. The MacBook Air only comes in a standard gray.


Apple offers a 13.3-inch screen option and a 11.6-inch screen option on its devices whereas Xiaomi offers 13.3 and 12.5 inch options. Overall, the Xiaomi beats the MacBook in screen resolutions seeing as the resolution on both models is a full HD resolution. The MacBook offers 1440X900resolution on the 13.3 model and a 1366X768 resolution. This means the Xiaomi Mi’s resolution is sharper.

On high-end laptops such as these, you would expect to have a full HD (1080P) resolution for best graphics renders.


The MacBook Air models come with either 256 GB or 128 GB hard drives that are expandable up to 512 GB. Both come with a 1.6ghz I5 processor and four gigabytes of ram as well. Specs on the Mi Notebook differ depending on your model. The larger model of this notebook features 8 gigabytes of DDR ram, a 256 GB hard drive and an Intel I5 processor, the 12.5-inch model features a less capable M3 processor, and half the storage space and ram, making it a far less capable computer overall, and definitely not suited to anything more than light programs. However, the larger version of the Xiaomi Mi is better than the larger MacBook Air where it comes to hardware, while the smaller model isn’t as good as the smaller MacBook Air. However, if you go with the larger Xiaomi Mi, you’ll be getting a dedicated graphics card and GPU which means you’ll get more bang for your buck. Furthermore, the 13.3-inch model has a dedicated Nvidia Geforce graphics card which should give it an advantage when playing games.


Both of the Apple MacBooks come with OSX Sierra, while the Xiaomi Mi comes with Windows Ten. It’s very hard to choose which is better here, as A person’s preference of operating system is based in personal opinion. However, Xiaomi is bound to load their notebooks with some proprietary software. Therefore, you are likely to see some bloatware with the Xiaomi Mi notebooks.

Battery Life

All four laptops have excellent battery life. While the Xiaomi Mi notebooks get 11 and 9.5 hours’ battery life respectively, the MacBook Air laptops get 12 hours and eleven respectively from a single charge. However, the Xiaomi laptops claim to be able to charge to half in just half an hour, a claim the MacBook Air cannot make. By the same token, however, the MacBook Airs don’t have a dedicated graphics card to power. Depending on what you plan to do with your laptop, the loss of battery life from the dedicated graphics card may or may not be important to you.

Availability and Pricing

One problem with the Xiaomi Mi notebooks is the fact that there has been no global launch date planned. For now, you can only buy them from China. MacBooks, on the other hand are available in most parts of the world. Though the MacBook is slightly pricier, it makes up for that price in availability. Buyers looking to buy a Xiaomi Mi, on the other hand, will also have to pay shipping, customs fees and various other charges.


The Xiaomi Mi Air laptop and the MacBook Pro have a lot of simixiaomi Mi larities in design and functionality. However, these two laptops are not the same. The Xiaomi Mi has better graphics, including a dedicated graphics card on the larger model and full HD resolution on both models. They also are lighter and slimmer than the MacBook Air.

However, the MacBook Air features OSX Sierra which puts the power of Siri on the desktop as well as a lot of other really useful features. The Xiaomi Mi runs Windows Ten, and probably comes with some proprietary software, which may mean included bloatware.

Overall, though, the only difference between these two laptops is what you plan on using them for. Perhaps Xiaomi will give Apple a run for their money. In the end, the choice is yours, and both these laptops are a good buy.