Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 Release Date, Specifications, Price

Stemming from the success of their original Redmi Pro smartphone, it looks as though Xiaomi is getting ready to release their newest technological phenomenon. The Redmi Pro 2 is this latest smartphone gadget coming from the minds of the reliable Xiaomi company, and boy is it supposed to be a phone better than ever!

With promises of two memory and storage options to choose from (64 GB and 128 GB), a dual flipping picturesque camera, and the customability of a UI skin of the customer’s choice, it seems that the Redmi Pro 2 is ready to take the market place by storm.

After all, the supposed launch date of this new smartphone is projected for the end of April! But to make sure you’re up to date on all the tech that is predicted to come with this phone, let’s review all of the phone’s standard and special features.xiaomi-redmi-pro-corner-2

The Big Question: How Much Is It Gonna Cost?

Back in mid-July of 2016, with a combination of clues from Xiaomi and some dedicated enthusiasts of their next upcoming product, a price of 1499 Yuan (Similarly, 215 US$ / 12250 Rs.r) as a starting point. However, the official prices have raised a tad from that initial prediction.

Depending on the storage unit you prefer, the Redmi Pro 2 is projected to cost approximately 1599 Yuan for a 64 GB device (235 US$ / 13065 Rs.r) and 1799 Yuan for a 128 GB device (260 US$ / 14700 Rs.r).

This may seem like an inflated price, but in comparison to the many other smartphones on the market, this price is golden. So, if the Redmi Pro 2 fit all the demands that you require in a smartphone, you may want to think about investing in this product.

The External Appearance and Visible Hardware

Xiaomi has crafted the Redmi Pro 2 to be the sleekest and most visually appealing and accessible of all their previous devices to date. This includes the addition of a 1080 pixel 2.5D curved glass display, provided by the company AMOLED. This feature should allow for the most optimal and clear, crisp viewing experience when accessing and fiddling with the smartphone.

They have also added to the structure a stronger uni-body metal outward casing design, making the phone the most durable of their phone products. This will of course come with a variety of different case choices.

And the best part for previous Xiaomi users of the Redmi Pro is that the casing will be very similar to that of their previous smartphone. Although it won’t fit perfectly to a T, you can still use your favorite phone cases from the past if the urge does arise.

But, What’s On the Inside Counts the Most!

The Redmi Pro 2 is projected to be the fastest, strongest, and most powerful smartphone on the market after its release; and, this is all due to utilization of the MediaTek Helio P25 Soc as its main processor. Doubling that with the choice of RAM, and the user will have an endless amount of storage combined with an ultra-fast processor and the product proves itself to be a main contender in the fast paced race of smartphone invention.

The Impending Announcement

As previously stated, the Redmi Pro 2 is projected to be released near the end of April 2017, alongside the MIUI feed in Android products. Hopefully, when the product does premiere, we will be able to see all of these fantastical features in action, whether it be at a display or from happy customers.