New Xiaomi XiaoYi Smart Monitoring Camera 1080P

Xiaomi XiaoYi has recently released a new Smart Camera called the 1080P. With outdoor monitoring capability, special outdoor features, and a plethora of other amazing features, the XiaoYi 1080P expands upon the many cameras that are already loved by XiaoYi customers. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to get your hands on the new Xiaomi XiaoYi 1080P Smart Camera.Xiaomi XiaoYi Cctv Camera

XiaoYi: A brand like no other

XiaoYi is a sub-brand of the company Xiaomi. XiaoYi is a very versatile brand, providing customers with many types of cameras, including IP cameras, smart cameras, DVR cameras, and micro-single cameras. One extremely noteworthy device is the XiaoYi M1 camera.

Xiami XiaoYi Smart Camera 1080PXiaomi-XiaoYi-Smart-Camera

The Smart Camera 1080P is less than a month past its announcement date by Xiaomi. This amazing new device offers many features suitable to many different users, but its primary purpose is for surveillance.

Outdoor Monitoring CapabilityXiaoYi-Smart-Camera

Yes, that’s right – the XiaoYi Smart Camera 1080P is made for outdoor monitoring. So what exactly does this mean, you may ask. The 1080P is specially designed for capturing outdoor footage. This makes it ideal for companies looking for surveillance equipment to be used in a parking lot or a warehouse. However, it could also be used for capturing images of your favorite nature trail or park.

Outdoor FeaturesXiaomi-XiaoYi-Camera

This outdoor monitoring camera comes with many special outdoor features, including 110 – degree wide angle lens and 3.9mm focal length. This makes the camera perfect for capturing high-definition images, whether needed for surveillance or enjoyment of a natural scenery. The camera is waterproof – a true necessity for weathering the outdoors. In fact, it has an IP65 waterproof certificate. To top it off, the Smart Camera 1080P also has infrared night vision capability. 12 850nm infrared night vision beads automatically kick in when it gets dark. The maximum distance for object-viewing is 15 meters.

Other FeaturesXiaomi-XiaoYi-Smart-Camera-box

The XiaoYi 1080P comes with many other exciting features, including an alarm system that works very effectively as soon as a danger is present. The camera also comes with excellence storage capacity, such as circular recording for up to 30 days, unlimited cloud storage through XiaoYi, SD card usage up to 32GB, and hard drive backup with the Xiaomi router. The camera is white and has a sleek design, making it easy to incorporate into whatever setting necessary. It comes with a charging cord and materials for easy set-up.

In conclusion, the new XiaoYi Smart Camera 1080P is perfect for anyone looking to improve their surveillance system. Whether you need a surveillance camera on your own property, or for your company, XiaoYi’s new camera by Xiaomi is an ideal choice. With outdoor monitoring capability and many outdoor features, the camera is sure to hold up and be reliable. Other special features make it an even better choice. What are you waiting for – get yours today! The XiaoYi Smart Camera 1080P can be purchased for a price of 288 yuan, or 44 U.S. dollars.