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Xiaomi Technology is set to take the tech world with a storm with its flashy and classy technology releases in the recent times. With major improvements being done to compete with local and international markets, Xiaomi is branding its releases and offering some of the best features one can get at a fraction of the price tags fitted on other products in the market.

With high competition in the action camera releases and need for better quality in terms of the products produced, Xiaomi is set to lift its bars higher than before with its recent release in China which is set to take the world with a bang. The new Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera is a great step forward in terms of modern action cameras. With its new features and capabilities, it is surely among the best action cameras around in the markets. The new release falls under the Yi technology company group, a sub brand of Xiaomi, which has been releasing some previous versions of action cameras to compete with the ones already in the market. Despite the improvements done in the previous version, there was still the urge of producing an even better and user friendly device to curb the urge for quality.

Unlike its predecessors, the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera has come fitted with some world class features raising its bars and making it one of the best action cameras to acquire and get the job done. It features with a IMX377 sensor fitted inside that is fast and allows users to take 4K videos even better. The Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera has powerful recording capabilities too that make it even more superior. (Taking 30fps, 1080p at 120fps and 720p at 240fps). It also has options for slow motions and other available modes that can be easily changed with its user friendly interface to attain the required settings. This makes it way past its predecessors in terms of quality.

The Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera has an intuitive User Interface that is engaging and user friendly and it is fitted with a view finder touch screen at the rear side. A new sensor of 12MP Sony unit delivers high quality videos making a tremendous leap forward in the technological world.

Some other great additions to the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera are its large battery that comes with it, fitted with dual microphones to improve quality of sound recorded, improved connectivity with other devices that assist in its use and it comes with a readymade application for IOS and android devices which allows controlling of the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera from our smart phones and tablets. In addition to all these the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera has extra gadgets that can be easily purchased together with the camera at GearBest online store like casing for water proof capability, mountings that can be used with the camera and many more. This is an improvement in terms of technology that makes it a little bit more advanced and a better version of the Yi Technology products.

In terms of taking a step forward, the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera can connect to other nearby devices with ease making it easier to use with much more comfort. It is an ultimate user friendly device produced by the Yi Technology group.

Also some key details about the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera is the ability to share details and photos taken by the camera in the Yi 4K action camera social network directly from our devices and it produces sharp and contras videos which are improved. It also makes the image production quality to be smooth and way fluid than the predecessors.xiaomi-yi-4k-action-camera-2

Display Features

The installed touch screen fitted in the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera is a handy and user friendly feature that is easy to use and very responsive. It is one of the single traits that make the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera even better. The Yi technology cameras before this latest release lacked the touch screen option but it’s an improvement to its products.

The 2.19 inch display screen is protected by a corning gorilla glass protection to make it endure even hard conditions. It has a 160 degree viewing angle. The view finder touch screen can be used to view previous photos and videos recorded in the camera and also view real time actions happening. It helps in settings changes and correction of image or video quality in terms of the installed settings in the camera. The rear screen is 33 pixels per inch. It has a 16:9 optimal screen shape which makes the required shooting and preview easy and quick.

An important and exceptional part in terms of display is the ability to link up with nearby devices and view real time images and videos in the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera. This is a more user friendly option that also helps to provide a larger view in cases where one is using a tablet. In order to access this option a readymade application is available for download and installation.

Picture and Video Capturing Featuresxiaomi-yi-4k-action-camera

The Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera is designed to take high quality videos and pictures regarding to the installed hardware and software in the camera. In terms of high quality videos, the Xiaomi has features that give images stabilization and also provides an auto low light option. In addition to these, there is an option to adjust lens distortion to avoid distorting the final captured images. The images can be viewed in the touch screen before capture to ensure quality and perfection is achieved.

It is important to note that despite having all these feature in other options like 4K ultra all the mentioned above features are grayed out to attain some details and less versatile in such options whereas in 1080p mode they are all inclusive to improve the image/video quality. These options are readily available in the modes provided in the camera settings.

The Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera is geared to quickly adjust exposure levels while recording. The lens types installed in the Yi 4K action camera are seven in number of high definition to enable it shoot 4K videos of supreme quality. Its new 12MP Sony unit delivers 4K videos at 30 frames per second compared to the previous edition that was 1080p. Included in these features is a 1080p at 60 frames per second recording mode as well as 720p setting that offers an even higher frame rate than the rest.

Another aspect that must be mentioned when referring to the Xiaomi Yi 4K camera is the ability to view images and videos recorded by the camera on your devices almost in real time with a delay of 2 to 3 seconds maybe.

Depending on the resolution of choice, the Yi 4K action camera records videos at 848 x 480px with a concurrent high definition track all with the aim of making the recorded videos easy to share and quick of the just taken clips.

Software Installed

The Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera is considered powerful also because of its installed chipset that powers an IMX377 1 /2.3-inch image sensor that has the ability of capturing videos and images with 4K resolution at 30 frames per second. The chipset installed is a processor named Ambarella A9SE75 that enhances the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera capabilities.

As mention before the Yi 4k action camera has an IMX377 12MP 1 /2.3 Sony unit that is used to enhance video and image qualities in general.

Apart from these, an outstanding feature in the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera is the lens distortion correction which is in built and it is geared with the aim of reducing image and video distortion to improve the output quality. It is also a feature which has been incorporated in this latest release only making the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera superior to its previous predecessors.


Despite having all these world class features installed in the 4K action camera, it has been fitted with some gadgets to help enhance its look, user friendliness and improved quality of images taken in different aspects.

The Yi 4K action camera is fitted with a fast f/2.8 7-layer glass lens in front of the sensor that gives a 155-degree view angle. As mentioned before the rear side is fitted with a touch screen of 33p pixels per inch and a 160 degree viewing angle. This is to enable the user of the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera take clear, focused and quality images and videos and view the output on the touch screen provided. Also the user can monitor the movements and image output required on the touch screen display.

The installed touch screen at the rear has enhanced the outlook of the camera giving it a classy look than before. The Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera has been fitted with a dual microphone on top of it to improve on the sound quality recorded and capture multiple sounds with ease and clarity.

An extra gadget that comes with the camera is a low power Bluetooth remote control that is used to make the functioning easier and more convenient to the user of the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera.

A unique feature geared in the camera is the standard tripod mount built in its body to make it easier for tripod stand installation and also make it a user friendly device. Other production of 4K camera come with an extra casing for this purpose hence it is efficient in terms of use.

Extra Features and Versatile Components Geared with the Xiaomi Yi 4k Action Cameraxiaomi-yi-4k-action-hd-camera-2

The Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera produces excellent audio quality recording because of the dual microphone and also has speaker to listen to other previously recorded data.

The Yi 4K action camera comes with a setup to enable linking it a phone or device (IOS and Android) that is normally used when viewing videos and pictures being taken or already taken directly from your device. This is possible via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The video playback of the linked device to the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera is almost real time with a delay of approximately a few micro seconds. This feature makes it a user friendly device and a step forward towards recording quality videos and photos with so much ease.

An added advantage in terms of speed is the booting time of the Yi 4K action camera. It boots at an average speed of 2 second making it super fast to recover the data taken and prepare to take pictures and videos really fast.

One of the unique and important features also is the installed different modes in the camera that make it easier to use by choosing the default mode one requires from the available ones. These modes come with specific settings that enable to highlight the captured objects depending on the setting and required output. Some of the installed settings/modes are:

  • Photo mode – it takes photos up to 12MP stills though the image/video quality is usually lower but they have a wider field of view.
  • Timer mode – this is where you set the camera to take picture at a specific time after initializing the process. They can range from 2seconds and above.
  • Slow motion mode – it takes videos at 720p at 240 frames per second but it is usually a low quality clip because of the specifications.
  • Time lapse mode
  • Loop mode – it is where the camera continues recording after the specified time.
  • Video + Photo mode

The Xiaomi is equipped with an EIS that is an Electronic Image Stabilization which prevents output images and videos to appear as shaking due to slight movements but as much as it helps remove vibrations in images, it only comes at 1080p at 30 frames per second. This feature goes with the in-built lens distortion correction tool that comes in handy when producing high quality images and videos.

Another versatile component in the Xiaomi Yi 4K actions camera is the available modes of connectivity that goes with the devices. In this case the Yi 4K action camera uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for data transfer from the camera to a connected device. This is much faster and easier to do action compared to using data transfer cables and need to remove the micro SD always. Despite this, it comes also with a micro SD card slot for saving captured images and videos. To specify on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth type needed; Wi-Fi is a Broadcom BCM43340 dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth is the 4.0 Bluetooth.

The Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera uses a battery of 385v 1400mAh 5.39wh and it can last up to 120 minutes in 4K / 30 video mode whereas it can go up to 8 hours in standby mode.

A unique but important added feature to the 4K action camera is the low power and high resolution three axis accelerometer that is essential in terms of image and video quality.

The Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera can capture images at intervals of 0.5 to 60 seconds according to the provided settings.

Purchasing and Prices

The Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera 2 comes in white and black colors and it is currently on pre sale options only on GearBest online retailer stores at an affordable price of $249.99. The Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera comes with shipping options for those abroad and available discount options in the site. Visit the GearBest site to get more information about our available products, offers, deals and discount and any inquiry about the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera and Xiaomi products.

The Yi 4K camera also comes with other separate gears that help in its use and operation under different circumstances. Some of the products are readily available at the GearBest store online. They include: a car mount, head mount, chest mount, high quality 64GB micro SD card and extra batteries. They help in giving the best experience when using the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera and other extra options.


Among the various 4K action cameras available currently in the market, it is clearly evident that the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera is the one to look for from its eye catching looks to its exemplary features. For starters it is way cheaper than the rest and the features included make it a superior product compared to its competitors. From the online accessories available on the GearBest online stores to its fantastic video and image quality, it is truly a value for money purchase.

With the introduction of the touch screen essential, it is clearly an improved edition comparing to the past Yi Technology releases. Its battery life is one to dream for and the added feature like the standard tripod stand inclusion is a perfect option. Keeping in mind it can be used under water with its casing and provide perfect images for in motion objects, the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera has got it all. Don’t be left behind and get your today by visiting the GearBest online store. For purchase and shipping enquiries also visit the site to get assistance.

The Xiaomi Yi 4k Action Camera 2
Long Battery Life
Gorilla Glass For Durability
Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity
Quality touchscreen display
No mounts included
No waterproof case included
Fiddly one-button control makes underwater use tricky
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